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  1. The upload button spins endlessly. Please help🤨
  2. Ops is my fault. It is necessary to configure it correctly SMTP.
  3. When registering a new user: Oops...Error occurred () It's a pity, the script is good
  4. On the website, remove index.php and replace from your uploud folder on your computer. Be happy.😃
  5. Payment module doesn't work after the update!!! Installed back 4.0.0 everything works fine.
  6. Eltinho Paulo Alves The answer for buttons( importing videos from YouTube) Please replace here \admin-panel\pages\import-from-youtube\ with this file https://mega.nz/file/HEoWkY7L#DiYk8rG1rAFaADhMg9MbiZOKdwffwO8aiMc8OPT7cTY then check again. Working fine!😀
  7. Eltinho Paulo Alves I see that you don't get any answers either. Out of my one hundred and fifty posts, I only got about five normal responses.
  8. Looks like I'm texting myself here. The owner of the script made this bug on purpose. Because it fixes errors only through tickets. Mahmoud if you have a license why don't you contact him.
  9. All my media scripts run on a hosting with ffmpeg support. And it works fine. This script returns an error: edia error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not foundDownload File: https://xxxxxxxxx/upload/videos/2021/03/8Qc3M58kI7qUEkVAilzo_12_fe0c40e90db0b711348156ea95f406ca_video_1080p_converted.mp4Download File: https://xxxxxxxxx/upload/videos/2021/03/8Qc3M58kI7qUEkVAilzo_12_fe0c40e90db0b711348156ea95f406ca_video_720p_converted.mp4Download File: https://xxxxxxxxxupload/videos/2021/03/8Qc3M58kI7qUEkVAilzo_12_fe0c40e90db0b711348156ea95f406ca_video_480p_converted.mp4Download File: https://xxxxxxxxx/upload/videos/2021/03/8Qc3M58kI7qUEkVAilzo_12_fe0c40e90db0b711348156ea95f406ca_video_360p_converted.mp4Download File: https://xxxxxxxxx/upload/videos/2021/03/8Qc3M58kI7qUEkVAilzo_12_fe0c40e90db0b711348156ea95f406ca_video_240p_converted.mp4
  10. 2.0.1 When importing video from YouTube, the and import selected and load 50 more videos buttons do not work. You probably have a license to Codecanyon. Why don't you ask the script owner where the reason is. Thanks.
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