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  1. Mahmoud! Just bought from you 66toolkit but I didn't notice that this is a regular license. If I pay you extra money for Extended License you will change the product? Thanks.
  2. Why do you all write words of gratitude.....The link has not been working for a long time. When asked to update, there is zero reaction.
  3. simar525 If not, fix the cron task. This is very important. I've had it too.
  4. There were problems until the version 4.3 worked. But fake users doesn't work. I've wasted all my Christmas holidays. Everything worked on the previous version
  5. No. After the backup previous version, in the admin panel shows that the version has been updated to 4.3. Do you think this is so or fake.
  6. Mahmoud!!! Invalid domain/license. Where is a problem!?
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