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Open Server v5.3.5 (Basic, Premium, Ultimate)


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Open Server Panel — This is a portable server platform and software environment created specifically for web developers, taking into account their recommendations and wishes.

The software package has a rich set of server software, a convenient, multi-functional thought-out interface, has powerful capabilities for administering and configuring components. The platform is widely used for the development, debugging and testing of web projects, as well as for the provision of web services on local networks.

Although initially the software products included in the complex were not developed specifically for working with each other, such a bundle became very popular among Windows users, primarily because they received a free software package with reliability at the level of Linux servers.

Convenience and ease of management will certainly not leave you indifferent; during its existence, Open Server has established itself as a first-class and reliable tool for every webmaster.

Demo: https://ospanel.io/


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