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[FileCoin] IPFS File Upload Script


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[FileCoin] IPFS File Upload Script

**Notice: You will get a project ID required prompt due to the depreciation of the public gateway at IPFS to learn more about how to setup your own gateway visit https://blog.infura.io/post/ipfs-public-api-and-gateway-deprecation

Hey web3 programmer,

Adding IPFS Upload to your website has never been easier. Whether starting a new website or adding it to an existing one, our decentralized file upload script will make it a breeze.

With our easy-to-use javascript file and HTML page, you can quickly and easily add decentralized file storage to your website, app, or local project.

Your files will be stored on IPFS, a distributed file system that is highly resilient and scalable. With IPFS, your data will be held on a global network of computers, ensuring that it is always available and can never be lost.

With this easy-to-use JS and HTML script, you won’t need extra libraries like Nodejs. Just vanilla JS and HTML are all you need to get started.

Make your projects stand out with this new and exciting product! Easily integrate it into your projects or clients and have something new to upsell. This is a must-have for anyone looking to take their work to the next level.

Looking for a secure and decentralized way to store and share your files? Look no further than DecentraFile! DecentraFile is the perfect solution for anyone seeking a safe and private way to store and share their files. Our platform is free to use and available on https://decentrafile.com or via our app in the Apple Store.

Onward creator, off into the stars you ascend into the heavens of Web3. 

Onward you, creator,

Cody Krecicki

Creator, Decentrafile.com

P.S.: You get an unrestricted use license key, you’ll give this to us in the future if we ever provide updates or airdrops. This download is a complete clone of Decentrafile.com that can run locally without any engines. Files are pure vanilla javascript and html.


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