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SpaceWeb | WebView With Remote Config

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SpaceWeb | WebView With Remote Config

Push Notification

– Push notification is a powerful marketing tool with A number of benefits including Stimulate user engagement


Android Navigation Drawer

– Set your menu with action and URL to easy navigate the main web pages


Android Custom Toolbar

– We are providing a fully customizable toolbar. So, you can remove the toolbar to make a full-screen app. Also, you can change the toolbar style


Firbase Remote Config

– Now with SpaceWeb you can change your Website url , Show Or hide Ads , Remove ToolBar or Darwer Navigation , Change Loader Style And its Color and a lot more with out any code only put key and value .


RTL support

– SpaceWeb is supported RTL view where toolbar , app sidebar , menu everything has the option so can easily create RTL app with the Firebase config .


Media Support

– SpaceWeb supports video (Youtube, vimeo, HTML5 videos etc), audio(.mp3, .wav etc), all image format and animated image (.gif).


Ask Permission

– Based on google guideline SpaceWeb webview app will ask required permission when it’s needed.


Splash Screen

– We have already made every setting for the splash screen. Just place your logo on our assets folder.


Custom Loader

– We have an awesome app loader library support. So you can use the library when your website is loading.


HTML5 Game

– SpaceWeb app supports HTML5 games and you can play the game inside the app.


Requirements :

1. Android Studio Latest Version.

2. Mobile Responsive Website.

3. Basic Knowledge about Android Studio..

For Support :

WhatsApp : +447593816388


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