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Crash Add-on for Stake Casino Gaming Platform

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Crash Add-on for Stake Casino Gaming Platform


About Crash Add-on

Crash is a multiplayer add-on game for Stake Casino Gaming Platform.

Please note that this add-on can not be installed and used on its own without having Stake Casino Gaming Platform purchased and installed first. Please also check system requirements below.

How to play Crash

Wait until the betting round starts, choose how much you want to wager and click “Bet” button. Note that the betting round lasts for 20 seconds, so you need to place your bet before the time runs out. After all bets are accepterd the game begins. Watch the current payout and cash out before the rocket explodes! You will get your bet back multiplied by the payout at the time of cash out. The game can end at any time, so if you are late to cash out you will get nothing.

Crash features


The game has full support for bots. Bots can place random bets and cash out at random intervals.


A casino administrator can:

  • Set game duration
  • Set interval between games
  • Set min and max bet amount
  • Set bet increment / decrement amount
  • Set default bet amount
  • Set payout intervals
  • Set betting round duration
  • Enable / disable bots
  • Adjust some animation settings (number of planes and clouds)

System requirements

  • VPS or dedicated server with shell access 1
  • Pusher integration 2

1 — This game requires queues support in order to send crash events from the server to players without being able to guess when such an event will occur. To enable queues, you must be able to run background processes on your server, which is not possible on shared servers.

2 — Pusher is a service, which allows to add realtime messaging capabilities to the application. Please note that you might need to upgrade to a paid plan in case you exceed connections / messages quota.


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