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COOWHM - Multipurpose WHMCS Theme - 2.8 [15/11/2022 / 2023]


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COOWHM - Multipurpose WHMCS Theme - 2.8 [15/11/2022 / 2023]


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COOWHM is an awesome, modern responsive, and clean WHMCS template providing a powerful base for any company providing web hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, domains, WordPress hosting, Ddos attacks protection, online support, and multipurpose business, etc… it’s a well-structured and lightweight and valid code to impress all of your clients and competitors and make them feel so comfortable and easy to order or follow your services and pay them. COOWHM is all that you need to start your own company

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This template is for WHMCS only

COOWHM has dozens of core elements that have been customized to improve the overall usability of WHMCS that’s compatible with the latest version 8.6


  • Bootstrap Responsive Grid System
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Google Fonts Support
  • All Pages are Redesigned
  • side menu
  • Gravatar Support
  • Auto lang flag detection
  • Unique & Modern Design
  • Font Awesome, flaticon and fontilo icons
  • Incredibly fast design
  • Compatible with latest version 8.6
  • Custom SVG icons
  • Valid and clean code
  • Custom orderform
  • and more …

What do you get?

  • WHMCS Template files
  • WHMCS orderform Template files
  • Documentation
  • high quality friendly support 7/7

Update COOWHM theme

  1. Our team carefully tests all of our new releases, however, we strongly recommend giving our COOWHM theme a try on your WHMCS installation before starting to update it.
  2. Ensure that you save a backup from your COOWHM theme, which you would like to update.
  3. Use the right folder to update COOWHM theme from the downloaded package from ThemeForest, ex: you are using 8.5 and you want to update to 8.6, you just need to use the content of update from 8.5 to 8.6 folder
  4. Clear your browser and server cache (for example Cloudflare)
  5. Clear the WHMCS template cache in: Utilities > System > System Cleanup > “Go” > “Empty Template Cache” .


[ UPDATE] update to WHMCS 8.6 (15/11/2022)

[ WHMCS theme change log ] : clientareadetails.tpl, css/invoice.css, css/invoice.min.css, css/oauth.css, css/theme.css, css/theme.min.css, header.tpl, includes/sidebar.tpl, js/scripts.js, js/scripts.min.js, js/whmcs.js, oauth/error.tpl, quotepdf.tpl, store/ox/manage.tpl
[ WHMCS order form template change log ] : js/scripts.min.js, js/scripts.js, js/base.js

You will find all files to update your theme from whmcs 8.5 to whmcs 8.6 in the downloaded package, WHMCS/update from WHMCS 8.5 to 8,6.x folder

[ UPDATE] update to WHMCS 8.5 (06/07/2022)
for faster update your can use only files from update from 8.4.1 to 8.5

Theme change log: clientareadetails.tpl, clientareahome.tpl, markdown-guide.tpl, all CSS folder, all js folder, all store folder, includes/active-products-services-item.tpl, includes/sidebar.tpl
Orderform template change log: all orderform folder and files

NOTE: For customers who have edited and customized css/main.css file, you can just add /* WHMCS 8.5 STYLESHEET UPDATE */ section from the new file
[ UPDATE] update to WHMCS 8.4 (04/02/2022)
affiliates.tpl, bulkdomainmanagement.tpl, supportticketsubmit-steptwo.tpl,  all /css folder, all /js folder, all /Store folder, all of the orderform template folder
[ FIX ] orderform template for WHMCS 8.3.X (19/11/2021)
All orderform template files 
coowhm version 2.8 (23/10/2021) WHMCS 8.3 ready
coowhm version 2.8 (26/06/2021) WHMCS 8.2 ready
[ ADD ] template and orderform for WHMCS 8.2



templates/coowhm-plus/css folder
templates/coowhm-plus/includes folder
templates/coowhm-plus/js folder
templates/coowhm-plus/payment folder
templates/coowhm-plus/store folder

ALL of orderform template files 
coowhm version 2.7 (30/04/2021) BUG FIXES
[ FIXED ] Order Summary box was Fixed in Configuration Page
[ FIXED ] Page header responsive issues + RTL 
[ FIXED ] Menu issue when a user in the announcements page
[ ADD ] titles to side dropdown for better UX
[ ADD ] terms sub page 


ALL of orderform template files 
coowhm version 2.6 (08/03/2021) WHMCS 8.1.3 ready
- fix some bugs in orderform template and other issues in the template
- fix meni issues 
- add WHMCS 8.1.3 template 
coowhm version 2.5 (06/01/2021) WHMCS 8.1.1 ready
- fix some bugs in orderform template
- add new menu layout
- add whmcs 8.1.X template with the domains highlight feature
- add new style (astrhost template)
- upgrade docs files
coowhm version 2.4 (13/09/2020) WHMCS 8.0 ready
coowhm version 2.3 (28/07/2020) new features
- fix domains dropdown in the cart
- fix currency dropdown
- improve the header (in plus & bredh version)
- add an email template 
- add bredh version 
- upgrade docs files
coowhm version 2.2 (21/05/2020) WHMCS 7.10.2 ready
- add RTL version 
- add dark mode version 
- redisgn of client area template
- add breadcrumb
- update orderform template for marketconnect products
- fix some responsive issues
- other UI and UX upgrades
- fix store dropdown
- upgrade docs files
coowhm version 2.1 (08/04/2020) WHMCS 7.10 ready
- add WHMCS 7.10 template and orderform
- fix orderform 
 (changelog: orderforms folder, store folder, clientareacontacts.tpl, clientareadetails.tpl, css/all.css, css/all.min.css, css/styles.css, includes/verifyemail.tpl, js folder, upgrade-configure.tpl)
coowhm version 2.0 (27/03/2020) new features
- add a new style
- add a new slider on the homepage 
- add new plans on the homepage 
- add a new features box on the homepage 
- add discount box and banner slider in domain search and Knowledgebase pages
- add new login and register pages
- upgrade client area page
- upgrade data tables style
- upgrade support tickets page
- upgrade Knowledgebase page
- upgrade client area products and domains details pages
- new domains register, domain configuration, and checkout styles
- upgrade all order form templates and improve UI
- fix stripe issue and other issues
- fix the responsive issue and other issues
- other UI and UX upgrades
- upgrade docs files
coowhm version 1.2 (28/01/2020) WHMCS 7.9.x ready
- upgrade to WHMCS template 7.9.1 and 7.9.2
- upgrade to WHMCS orderform 7.9.1 and 7.9.2
- fix other bugs (css/main.css - css/custom.css)
coowhm version 1.1 (12/11/2019)
- fix side panel
- fix search and transfer button on the homepage for mobile devices
- add new style
initial release


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