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Cima4U - Movie blogger template

  • The Cima4U template was programmed to be a similar copy of the original site "Cima4U", so that there is no slight difference except through some modifications that suit the Blogger platform, to produce the template with high efficiency.


Template features
  1.  Fast browsing
  2. Responsive to all screens
  3.  drop down menu
  4. Social media buttons
  5. A professional search that automatically fetches searched posts through the bottom search box directly via "Ajax"
  6. The ability to automatically download posts, control their number, and solve the problem of the disappearance of some posts from the Blogger blog ...
  7.  Filter for the period of sections by type - classification - quality - and year of issue
  8. another additional list
  9. The page for publishing information about the movie or series
  10. Direct download servers The possibility of adding more than one download server as desired
  11. Watch servers, more than a million servers can be added as desired
  12. Related topics with the ability to control the number, width and height of the posts' images
  13. The layout is included in the programming of the template - so that you can modify all the contents of the site through coordination only ...
  14. Free of encrypted code
  15. Clean code that does not contain any programming errors

لقطة الشاشة 2023-05-31 140516.png

لقطة الشاشة 2023-05-31 140506.png

لقطة الشاشة 2023-05-31 140500.png

لقطة الشاشة 2023-05-31 140449.png


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