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ImportSync - CSV Mapping For Perfex CRM


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ImportSync - CSV Mapping For Perfex CRM

NOTE: This module is an extension for Perfex CRM and requires Perfex CRM to be installed.

Introducing ImportSync: Effortless CSV Mapping for Perfex CRM

ImportSync is the ultimate solution to streamline your data integration within Perfex CRM, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface to effortlessly map your various CSV files to Perfex’s built-in CSV format. With seamless support for mapping Leads, Customers, Expenses, Items, and even a newly introduced Staff CSV, ImportSync enhances your data management experience like never before.

Key Features:

  • Effortless CSV Mapping: ImportSync empowers Perfex clients to map their diverse CSV files to Perfex’s native CSV format through a user-friendly UI. Say goodbye to complex data integration processes and hello to simplicity.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility: ImportSync covers an extensive range of CSV types, including Leads, Customers, Expenses, Items, and Staff. It provides a holistic solution to meet your various data integration needs.
  • Enhanced Staff Management: ImportSync introduces a novel CSV for Staff import, allowing you to seamlessly integrate staff data into Perfex CRM. Map Staff CSV effortlessly for a well-organized team management experience.
  • Unleash the Power of Mapping: With ImportSync, mapping your CSV data becomes a breeze. Whether it’s Leads, Customers, Expenses, Items, or Staff, you can define the relationships with Perfex’s CSV fields effortlessly.


Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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