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Banki-Pedia - Fintech System PHP

Estonian Cry

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Banki-Pedia is a premium fintech system for automating financial process. It is developed by the very best of the best developers in order for you to have the finest experience in financial processes. Banki-Pedia is developed with users in mind. We developed Banki-Pedia with the best PHP framework in order to ensure security of the system and a fool proof fintech system.
You can now automate the operations of your customers with ease using Banki-Pedia FIntech Solution.


Frontend: Click Here

Admin Demo: Click Here

Username: [email protected]

Password: test1234


Use the admin login for Customers integration as the Admin can also function as a user.



(1) Loan Management System

(2) Bitcoin Trade System

(3) Deposit Wallet System,

(4) Referral Payment System 

(5) Local & International Fund Transfer

(6) Stripe, Paystack, Flutterwave, Coinpayment, Coingate Payment Gateway and more

(7) Deposit Wallet

(8) Premium Pages Added

(9) ATM Card System

(10) Digital Bank APIs

(11) Customer Support System

(12) KYC Verification

(12) Automated Payment System

(13) Secure Login System

(14) Content Management System

(15) Email Notifications

(16) Fixed Deposit System

(17) Email & SMS Notifications

(18) Over 30  Bank Payment APIs


PHP 7+

MySQL 4.x



Installing Banki-Pedia is as easy as it can be. Follow the guide below to install Banki-Pedia.

Step 1

Ensure you have your domain and host account ready as this is the platform on which you will be running the system. Login to your cpanel or FTP as the case may be using your login details as provided. When you successfully log in, click on Database Manager form the menu to create a database and database user. Ensure you link the database user to the created database. Open the created database via PHPMyAdmin and upload the SQL file in the SQL folder of the script

Step 2

Get back to your Cpanel main page and click on File Manager form the Icon to navigate to the file manager.

Step 3

in your file manager, navigate to the folder you would love to install the script on...most likely it is pulci_html or www folder. When in this folder, click on the upload icon form the menu. This takes you to a new page. Click on the upload button and select the sipped script from its location on your computer. After successful upload, extract the zip file unto the folder

Step 4

Form the extracted folders, fine "app" folder and open it, navigate to the .env file from the list of files in it. This is the file you will need to connect the script to your created database. Open the file to edit it and supply your database name, database username and database password. After this, set your email server from the .env file in order to be able to receive emails from the system. Click on save when done with editing

Step 5

Navigate to your Cpanel main page and click on php version. Change your PHP version to 7.1+

Step 6

Navigate to your Cpanel main page and click on cron job.set to system coin price automation. Set cron job url to www.yoururl/cron and launch your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


You can downlod here : https://www.upload.ee/files/15729156/codester-23909-banki-pedia-fintech-system-php.zip.html

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