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Linkedot v1.8.2.1 - Linkedin Automation Tool


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LinkedIn does not say yes or no explicitly. However, the reason is using such tools could lead to spamming due to excessive messaging. Linkedot mimics real human behavior like dynamic time intervals between messages, waiting on message window, visiting profile, taking breaks, limiting number of messages/profile visits per day etc to ensure that it does not appear as a bot. We would strongly recommend to treat Linkedot as “yourself” and ask it to do what you would do as a human to avoid any detection of bot like behavior. E.g you don’t want to send 500 messages in matter of few hours or work 24 hours at a stretch sending messages, as it is a non-human behavior and can lead to a warning or account being blocked.


How safe is Linkedot?


We take data safety very seriously. We do not request or save any passwords onto our servers. Linkedot is built on google chrome as an extension so it leverages google safety net. Google does audit extensions for safety, so it is as safe as google.


How many messages/ profile visits I can do per day?


This is a very difficult question to answer. It is like asking how fast should I walk or drive (pun intended here -:) Many self-proclaimed experts claim to know this, but are based on pure guesstimate and luck. LinkedIn algorithm controls this number and is dynamic depending on following list (indicative but not exhaustive):


  1. Age of your account
  2. Completeness of your profile
  3. Premium LinkedIn subscriptions e.g Sales Navigator etc
  4. How active you have been recently – browsing profiles, contributing articles etc not just sending messages
  5. How many rejections you get when you send connection requests
  6. How many invites are pending
  7. Social Selling Index or SSI (as measured by LinkedIn is the best scale – higher the SSI, more messages you can send)

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/linkedot-linkedin-automation-tool/25582617



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Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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