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Gigs v3.1 - Services Marketplace - Fiverr & Freelancer Clone - Multi Vendor


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Are you looking to start your own marketplaces like Freelance, Fiverr, up work and PeoplePerHour?

Gigs is a great and effective customized service that could one among the best template across all the marketplaces we ensure to deliver expected business requirements for all startups. It is a customizable service marketplace for all services, now you can easily start your own marketplace as per your needs. It will suits for all type of business i.e. (startup, mid-level and high-level)

How it works:

Gigs is a service marketplace, seller can post their services and offers, and user can select their service what they are required and make the payment. And the payment will received to the admin, once the service got completed, Seller can raise the payment request to admin. And the Admin will take the commission and release remaining payment sent to seller’s account. All the payments has been collected online via PayPal(WEB), stripe and paytabs.

Version 3.1 - 18 March 20
        - NEW - Separate Language fields to Mobile Apps
       <i>Note: Now, Admin can separately choose the languages to both Android & iOS Apps</i>

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/gigs-services-marketplace/20716059



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Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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when you put anything the button next don't work

i bypassed this step by changing the line 42 of the file./application/controllers/Installer.php

if($result['status_code'] == 200){

by this code

if($result['status_code'] != 200){

but i got problem in the step 4 of installation
i am not an advanced php developper
who can help ?
may be in the line 344 of this same file there is a problem coz this website is down

 $remote_file_url = 'https://www.dreamguys.co.in/gigs_updates/'.$file_name.'';
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Thank you , personally I looked at the script a few hours ago and I did not like it, mainly because of the design. All the other ones I've tried did not work. I'm going to try yours and see how it feels.

I think its cool to try source code out prior to anything. I've had years of bad experiences from buying code that was no good. Yet at the same time in all honesty, I really shave no interest in a gig app, but when I saw the other codes  did not work,  I was compelled to search until I found one that did, hopefully this is it. Thank you.

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