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Voice Typing All Languages - Android Source Code


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Voice Typing All Languages - Android Source Code

Want to transform speech to text while writing messages or text notes?
This speech to text app provides you a powerful and easy in use system of dictating voice message.
Voice Typing SMS help user to send message from user's voice with simple and easy steps. This app presents a platform for a user to get convert speech to text , so the user does not have to use his fingers to write message. This is an app to make your time more precious and valuable. In this fast and developed era, the most important thing in our lives is the management of time. We practice smart ways and methods to meet our needs and tasks other than spending more time on it. Analysis of the past few years witnessed, we used to spend more of our time on writing messages. But now, in presence of Voice SMS Typing app, you are free to quit manual way of writing a SMS. By using this app write SMS by voice, you will get your text message instantly. In this write SMS by voice application, you will just tap the mic and start speaking it will convert your voice into your selected language SMS.


Top Features for speech to text app:
1) Support multiple languages
2) Speak text and convert it into text messages
3) Works faster and without any problems
4) Copy and paste your voice text with easiest way
5) Send the message to the contact
6) Share with Different Social media platform

How to Use Voice SMS Typing:
- Install and open Write SMS Voice app
- No need to type. Just speak into the microphone.
- All the words will be converted into text
- Send the message to the contact
- Enjoy
-Its Completely free


Android Studio
AdMob Account
Play Store Account


Unzip Project File
Open Project File On Android Studio
Run Project
Change UI Design Colors, App Logo And Splash Screen Image For Reskin.



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