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2020 Guide to Generating Leads With Google Local Service Ads


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2020 Guide to Generating Leads With Google Local Service Ads

Dominate local search and generate local leads with Local Services by Google and this step-by-step process


  • A local business to set-up ads for
  • For freelancers or agencies: an interest in helping local businesses setup Local Services for lead generation

If you are a local business owner or marketer who serves local businesses and are not yet taking advantage of Local Services by Google, you’re missing out on highly targeted leads.

Local Services by Google is an excellent generation strategy for local businesses. By participating you receive prime real estate in Google as these pay-per-(highly targeted)lead ads are what searchers see before everything else including Google ads, the local map listings and regular search results.

Adding this strategy makes your entire marketing campaign more effective when combined with other strategies including Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization and Google My Business. This is a powerful way to dominate Google search results giving you the opportunity to appear in 4 or more places on the first page of search results.

If you are a local business owner or service local business clients, Google Local Service ads should be a strategy you implement to bring in highly targeted leads who are ready to hire.

By the end of this course you will not only have a thorough understanding of Local Services By Google, you will also be able to set-up and manage your account and understand how to increase your ad rankings.

Specifically we will be covering:

  • What Google Local Services ads are

  • The ranking factors for Local Services ads & how they appear in SERPs

  • Why local businesses should be using these ads

  • How to set-up your Local Services ad account

  • Which businesses are eligible to participate

  • How to have the Google Guarantee badge show on your account

  • How Google ranks Local Services ads

  • How to have your Local Services ads appear when searchers use Voice search

  • and more

Who this course is for:
  • Local business owners who want to generate more leads easily
  • Marketers who serve local businesses and want to generate more leads for their clients






DL : https://k511.me/Inh/2020_Guide_to_Generating_Leads_With_Google_Local_Service_Ads.rar


DL : https://uptobox.com/s4jjbtvy2h1g





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