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Enneagram Doesn't Have To Be Hard


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Enneagram Doesn't Have To Be Hard

- master the art of enneagram



What you'll learn
  • learn about the enneagram numbers and identify the types. Each number is a personality and you will know how to handle them.
  • Just having an interest to learn about ENNEAGRAM. If you don't know what is an enneagram! then just learn right now and amaze others

Learn about Enneagram !!


Through this course, you will be able to understand enneagram easily and this is a lifetime course. I want this amazing system to reach more people. I have given the simple idea on how to find it.

How does it help you???

It can improve your life. I am a type-4 personality and I need to do the tasks that are closely related to the enneagram type number 5 and type number 3.  These are called as the wing numbers which can improve your life and you will find each chapter interesting and it can be learnt with practice.

parenting becomes easy , knowing your child behaviour can help you to improve their life.

Who this course is for:
  • astrology, numerology, personality tests, gig sellers, enneagram enthusiasts.




DL : https://k511.me/Ini/Enneagram_Doesnt_Have_To_Be_Hard.rar

DL : https://uptobox.com/e0ivulv78twn





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