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RETAIL MoneyFree - Viral Referral PHP script

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MoneyFree - Viral Referral PHP script

A php script that allows visitors to your site to make money from your site just by sharing a referral link that was created when they visited. This script works based on the IP address and visitor browser cookies, so each visitor will have their own unique referral link. Each visitor will be paid based on the number of visits in their referral link.

What are the benefits for website owners?

As an owner, you can determine rate per visitor and minimum withdrawal threshold.
If you set a rate of $10 for 100 visitors and $20 for a minimum withdrawal, then people must send at least 200 visitors to request a withdrawal and this will create a viral effect.This system will help your site become viral!
When each visitor drive more visitors to your site, you will get unlimited free traffic.

Imagine for example that in each 10 visitorsmust send at least 200 more visitors to make a withdrawal, then you will get 2000 visitors from just the first 10 visitors. This strategy will quickly be growing your site virally!

Demo: https://www.codester.com/items/9708/moneyfree-viral-referral-php-script


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