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Bundle#1 , 5 Games (Admob + GDPR + Android Studio)

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Bundle&anchor=1 , 5 Games (Admob + GDPR + Android Studio) - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

★★★ Rebbit bubble ★★★

Bundle #1 , 5 Games (Admob + GDPR + Android Studio) :

  1. APK 64 Bits with the last API-29
  2. Supports both APPLIANCES ANDROID ARM & x86.
  3. Easy to edit and reskin
  4. Optimized for Mobile
  6. Documentation (video)
  7. GDPR
  8. Support 24/7

How To :

  • Open Project Into Android Studio.
  • How to the package name
  • How to the name of game
  • How to Change Graphics game.
  • How to Change Audio game.
  • How to change the Admob Banner and Interstitial ID .
  • Change Your Privacy policy, and review Url. (GDBR)
  • If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.
    this games and base on cordova plugins…

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/bundle1-5-games-admob-gdpr-android-studio/28452840


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