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Live streaming plugin crea8social V2.0


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Live streaming plugin crea8social V2.0

This is a plugin that not only give users of your site a chance to share their present - their realistic present with their friends through live video streaming, but also give the friends chance to react to the kind of present thier friend is - simply put; to participate in that present through live commenting and reacting. Features packaged in this plugin are solely for real-time interactions among the users of your site.

1. Live-streaming of video from computer camera
2. Live-streaming of audio only from computer microphone
3. Streaming of video and music files
4. Live commenting to ongoing stream, and
5. Live reactions to ongoing stream
6. Livestreams are categorized in accordance with categories set up by the admin.


1. Admin can enable any signaling server that suit their need after such server has already been set up, signaling server can be:
  a. Firebase 
  b. Websocket, or
  c. Nodejs Socket.IO
2. Admin can also delete any livestream that may seem not suitable for the website or offensive
3. Admin can decide whether livestream should be recorded or not and the maximum duration of the record session.

Note: The livestream will not end when the recording duration is exhausted instead the recording session will be ended while the livestream continues

Installation requirement
You can use the software as is without setting up any server simply because a demo server comes with it, due to the fact that this can be easily exusted we recommend you register at firebase.com
for a free data channel which you can use in setting up the livestream server for your site. Select your server type firebase, input data channel url (like 'https://livestreaming-1557a.firebaseio.com/')
which should be given to you by firebase upon registration, free data channel is enough for most normal websites.

But if you are looking into a high traffic website, it is advise you buy a mediaserver like Kurento if you understand what you are doing and set it up or contact us

Demo: https://demo.crea8social.com/livestreams


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Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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