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CPV Lab Pro v4.1 - a tracking tool + Unlimited license


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CPV Lab Pro v4.1 - a tracking tool + Unlimited license

CPV Lab is one of the popular self-hosted tracking tool that is specially designed to help you in tracking and optimizing your marketing campaigns. With CPV Lab you can easily track, test and optimize all of your marketing campaigns right across multiple traffic sources with the full On-the-fly control and unlimited flexibility.

CPV Lab Review- A Reliable Tracker & Optimizer Platform

CPV Lab generally runs on your own server that truly indicates that you will have the full control on the privacy of your data. Basically, it’s a secured web-based self-hosted platform. It has a user-friendly graphic interface that mainly allows you to manage all the entire database right without having any need of any server knowledge.

Campaigns setups can also be easily adjusted based on the previous results and findings too. CPV Lab also offers customizable performance improvements for the high-traffic users and ultra-fast redirects right during Peak Usage.

In order to set up CPV Lab you need not be a programmer or a developer. The set-up is very simple that you can easily enjoy all of the CPV Lab functionalities with ease.  And you can also set-up your first campaigns just within a matter of time.

CPV Lab Features

CPV Lab offers many unique features that you will find extremely useful once you’re set-up. And that’s quite interesting as with such great features you can easily take your marketing campaigns to a whole new level. Let’s find out what features does this amazing platform offers.

  • Detailed Reports and Lab Stats: With this feature, you will be getting all campaigns includes Ads, Keywords, Pages and offers right with the detailed revenue data so that you can easily optimize profits and ROI.
  • Unlimited Ads & Creatives:Just set up an unlimited number of ads and then simply find the view stats for any of the individual Ads for any combination of keywords, pages, offer and more.

CPVlab pro Discount coupon

  • Unlimited Page & Offer Rotation: You can easily add new or simply edit pages and offers in rotation with no coding skills required. Everything will be done in the campaign set-up page.
  • Click Redirects: You can also quickly segments and redirect visitors based on the multiple conditions like the ISP/Carrier, Geography along with user agent and usability conditions.
  • Trends With Heatmaps: With this feature, you can easily drill-down right into the most profitable the most profitable trends in keywords, pages and offers as well. As here you can actually see your trend performance Heatmapped and more.

CPVlab pro Review Discount coupon CPVlab reviews

  • GEO-Stats and Details: Now you can view and filter campaigns data right to spot the most profitable visitors locations and other GEO stats and data reports are just one-click away.

cpv lab pro discount coupons

  • Compact Pixel and Postback Management: The best part is that here all pixel and post back formats are generally supported. Like the image, iFrame, Script Based and Postback URLs and many more in a row.
  • Campaign Dashboard: Just view all of your campaigns, clone existing campaigns or also the export campaign setups as the CSV files simply fro the offline editing.
  • Live View “Visitors Stats”: Quickly view all the information about your visitors right for any or all of the campaigns simply by checking click, conversions as well as the GEO Referrers and revenue data.
  • Customizable Stats View: Here the multi-view stat page generally allows the multiple combinations in order to display all of the most relevant data for you. Just save your favorite and most used in order to get the data you actually needed.

CPV Lab Review- Mobile Audience Overview

  • Report Builder: CPV Lab offers template-based system right for easy to repeat use. And here you can easily define your custom templates and supports updates right for the multiple campaigns right at once.
  • Custom Tokens: Just add up to 10 custom tokens supported by the traffic sources, CRM, cart along with autoresponder right for the easy pass and cross-reference data.
  • Opt-in & Lead Tracking: Just track opt-ins as well as the leads right when using the double opt-in, single opt-in and more.
  • Mobile Audience Overview:Here you can easily identify all of the top performing mobile capabilities like video support, data rules along with mobile OS, Screen resolutions and more. All will definitely impact right on your campaigns.


  • Mobile Content Supported:You can easily identify the content that your visitors can actually watch or read right on their device that includes of the file types along with messaging options supported. And here you can also know how to simply optimize all of your landing pages based on the visitors and attributes too.
  • Mobile Browser & Features Supported: Just view the profitability by all of the popular browsers and then you can simply drill down in your stats in order to identify the potential performance segmentation opportunities.

Who Can Get Benefit Form CPV Lab?

CPVlab pro Review Discount coupon CPVlab review

CPV Lab is for you if you do have products or offers on the market or if you want to promote products and offers from other advertisers and then you wish to track all the conversions and sales.

Just test and optimize landing pages, keywords, Ads, creative and offers as well. Let’s find out who can use CPV Lab in order to track and optimize their marketing campaigns:

  • Merchants: It doesn’t matter whether you sell the physical or digital product, a single product or a full catalog. Here with CPV Lab, everything can be easily tracked.
  • Affiliates: With CPV Lab any affiliate can easily set up campaigns and also validate new campaigns right for the new traffic sources. JUst increase sales and commissions by improving the targeting.
  • Advertisers: we all know that lead generation and direct response always offers a perfect fit. You can easily set campaigns right with a few clicks and then you can also optimize full conversion paths easily.
  • Agencies: Here any of the agencies and networks can easily integrate the tracking platform right into their business and they also receive discounts right on the bulk license as well.


What Campaign Types Are Available With CPV Lab?

cpv lab pro discount coupon offers

  • Direct Link and Landing Pages: You can simply rotate unlimited landing pages and offers. Then you can also test the effectiveness of the landing pages right vs. the direct linking from the no 1 campaign.
  • Landing Page Sequence: Just build funnels and lead paths you can create multi-page visitor sequences that feature in opt-in and multiple offers as well.
  • Lead Capture: Simply test the multiple lead capture pages simply by using only 1 autoresponder and then you can see the subscribers subscribe rate along with cost per subscriber rate in real-time.
  • Multiple Option: You can easily test multiple offers from 1 landing pages.  That is really great for review style landing pages in order to add upsells and downsells to any primary offer.
  • Email Follow-Up: You can simply track campaigns right in your email follow-ups and then track assign revenue to the initial “option” campaign to easily determine all the importance of your email marketing campaigns.

What You Can Track With CPV Lab?

Righ with CPV Lab you can easily track all of your traffic sources right with one simple platform. CPV Lab offers lots of information that can help you in your business. And also you can place simple links, you can easily track it.


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