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Simple File Sharer v3.60


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Simple File Sharer - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


- single file upload and sharing
- multiple files upload and sharing (since 1.4)
- drag and drop or just select file(s)
- autoupload
- progressbar and progress numbers
- mail sharing, ability to send to more than one recipient by closing the success message
- admin interface with dashboard, various charts and possibility to manage uploaded files
- ready to use ajax contact form
- built on bootstrap 2.3.2 (1 theme) and 3.2.0 (17 themes)
- responsive (since 1.4)
- ready to use faqs module
- easy to change frontend languages (English, Deutsch (Sie), Deutsch (Du) included)
- possibility to block list of extensions
- possibility to allow list of extensions
- possibility to disable direct file downloads (IP or session based), or to disable the protection
- display expiration date of files on download or deletion page
- autodelete depending on age
- autodelete depending last download (since 1.2)
- countdown X seconds befor download is possible (since 1.2)
- reporting files function (since 1.2)
- image preview of uploaded images (since 1.2)
- bandwidth throtteling on downloads (since 1.3)
- supporting mod_xsendfile (since 1.3)
- maximum age of downloads by uploader (since 1.6)
- maximum number of downloads by uploader (since 1.6)
- CAPTCHA protection (since 1.64)
- QR Codes (since 2.0)
- Bitly Short Urls (since 2.0)
- SFS internal Short Urls (since 3.50)
- HTML emails (since 2.0)
- Social Sharing [since 2.1]
- Copy to Clipboard function [since 2.1]
- Display Upload Speed, estimated and elapsed Upload-Time [since 2.15]
- file descriptions [since 2.20]
- possibility to leave message for downloaders on download-page [since 2.20]
- file locking [since 2.20]
- multiple email recipients [New since 2.21]
- Adfly Short Urls (since 2.23)
- Google Short Urls (since 2.24) removed with SFS 3.30
- possibility to just allow admins to upload (since 2.26)

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/simple-file-sharer/4562987



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