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    Hello All, More than 100 applications and games from various websites have been placed in one file, specifically for fans of programs and games. Download: [Hidden Content]
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    Unlock iCloud script, decoded. Phantom_v5.82_decoded.zip
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    LicenseBox v1.3.0 update released, update now! LicenseBox is a full-fledged license and updates manager for PHP applications, plugins/themes etc. LicenseBox is made up of two parts, the first part is the main script itself this will be installed/hosted on your own server and the second part is a single .php file this will be included in your PHP application on which you wish to use LicenseBox. Features Manage licenses Manage updates Easy installation Auto Domain/IP blacklisting Multi-language support in API Automated license, support, updates expiring email notifications Support for Envato purchase codes Cron Job for Envato purchase code reverifications and syncing Internal API for adding products, licenses etc. Domain/IP based license restriction Expiration date/days based license restriction Save license info in local encrypted license file for background license checks Add check for updates feature in your scripts Define your own license format Push new updates for your scripts in one click View where your scripts are being installed Included API helper generator file for easy integration Sample installer, updater, activator and deactivator scripts Sample Wordpress plugin for illustrating the use of LicenseBox with Wordpress. Include LicenseBox in any PHP script/framework Included sample codes with live examples Domain/IP based API Blacklist Option to rate limit API by IP address/API Keys Use it in unlimited scripts and much more. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/licensebox-php-license-and-updates-manager/22351237 Download: doniaweb.com_licensebox-php-license-and-updates-manager.zip
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    Pro Advanced Bot Traffic v2020 – Promote your website/business, according to your targeted keywords. 1st place in Google! Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/pro-advanced-bot-traffic/21300658 Download: doniaweb.com_pro-advanced-bot-traffic.zip
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    Video/Image/Gif/Quote App With Earning sytem (Reward points) is a mobile Status system which run under Android platform that used for your own Status application. With powerful features and beautiful design and Responsive Admin Panel can manage Videos,Images,Gifs,Quote,categories, users,notifications,lanuages,Earning Payments and others. This application created by Android studio for client side and then Php/MySQL for Admin side. Run under Android platform which is the most popular operating system in the world. By using this application you can save your money and time in creating application for your own Status application. UPDATE 3.3 (POSTED MARCH 29, 2020 ) * Bugs fixed Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/videoimagegifquote-app-with-earning-sytem-reward-points/23383405 Download: doniaweb.com_videoimagegifquote-app-with-earning-sytem-reward-points.zip
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    cPanel is an online Linux-based web hostingcontrol panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site to the website owner or the “end user”. Operating system: Linux, iOS, Android Download: cpanel-pro-9.9.8-pro-nulled.zip
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    Introduction to Appointly – Appointments module for Perfex CRM APPOINTLY FITS PERFECTLY FOR ANY TYPE OF APPOINTMENT WITH ABILITY TO INTEGRATE A FORM ON YOU WEBSITE . Appointly is a module for Perfex CRM that you can schedule appointments to your CRM and schedule also from external forms on multiple websites and manage your Appointments with ease, the module is designed for fast creating appointments to ease your communication with your contacts and also you can include staff as attendees, subject, description, date and time and many other features. Appointly offers users to add request appointment form to any of your websites and clients can directly ask for an appointment.Appointments can be created with a specific start time and location with option to include Internal, External Contact or Lead and also include staff as attendees. The module is flexible with simple nice looking design and easy to use. Offers options as External Form can be embed(added) to any website, Internal, Internal Contact, External Contact, Lead, Email and SMS Notifications, Name, Email, Location, Approve Appointment, Cancel Appointment (Reason), Confirm as Finished and many more other features to come. Appoinly also includes extra option Callbacks that is new feature in Appointly where external clients or internal can request a callback from your company, because not all clients are located in the same country as we work in. Callbacks can be managed from admins or responsible person for callbacks callbacks assignee’s can be assigned to manage an individual callbacks and take notes. This option can be enabled / disabled per your needs. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/appointly-perfex-crm-appointments/25459077 Download: doniaweb.com_perfex-crm-appointments.zip
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    Crypto Casino is a platform, where people can play online games (such as slot machine, blackjack, roulette, video poker and others). Games results are guaranteed to be absolutely random by using provably fair technology (based on strong cryptographic algorithms). Who is it for This application is for everyone (be it individual entrepreneurs or small organizations) who wants to quickly start their own online gaming business, but doesn’t have time and / or sufficient funds to develop a tailor made solution or buy expensive casino software packages from other vendors. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/crypto-casino-slot-machine-online-gambling-platform-laravel-5-application/23088602 Download: doniaweb.com_crypto-casino-slot-machine-online-gambling-platform-laravel-5-application.zip
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    Are you looking to start your own marketplaces like Freelance, Fiverr, up work and PeoplePerHour? Gigs is a great and effective customized service that could one among the best template across all the marketplaces we ensure to deliver expected business requirements for all startups. It is a customizable service marketplace for all services, now you can easily start your own marketplace as per your needs. It will suits for all type of business i.e. (startup, mid-level and high-level) How it works: Gigs is a service marketplace, seller can post their services and offers, and user can select their service what they are required and make the payment. And the payment will received to the admin, once the service got completed, Seller can raise the payment request to admin. And the Admin will take the commission and release remaining payment sent to seller’s account. All the payments has been collected online via PayPal(WEB), stripe and paytabs. Version 3.1 - 18 March 20 - NEW - Separate Language fields to Mobile Apps <i>Note: Now, Admin can separately choose the languages to both Android & iOS Apps</i> Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/gigs-services-marketplace/20716059 Download: doniaweb.com_gigs-services-marketplace-v3.1.zip
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    1C-Bitrix24 - Corporate Portal - a company’s internal information resource management system for collective work on tasks, projects and documents, for effective internal communications. Version: 20.0.0 (Sources) Installation Instructions: 1. At the root of the website, upload the file: bitrix24_source_20.0.0.tar.gz Rename and unzip the distribution archive on the ssh command line or using the hosting control panel with the command: tar xzvf bitrix24_source.tar.gz 2. In the browser, run http: //name-your-site.ru/index.php 3. Follow the instructions of the installer; 4. On the encoding selection screen, ALWAYS select the UTF-8 encoding; 5. When you get to the license entry field - enter PTR-ML-BXPR18XXXXXXXXXX - instead of “X”, any numbers or capital latin letters. 6. Follow the instructions of the installer. 7. Profit !!! Removing the limit on the number of users: query in the database INSERT INTO `b_option` (`MODULE_ID`, `NAME`, `VALUE`, `DESCRIPTION`, `SITE_ID`) VALUES ('main', 'PARAM_MAX_SITES', '2', '', NULL), ('main', 'PARAM_MAX_USERS', '100500', '', NULL); Demo: https://www.bitrix24.com/ Download: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    Facebook Leads Integration Module for Perfex CRM, is a module that enables you to sync your Facebook Leads through your page’s forms with Perfex Leads. It uses Facebook oAuth connect in order to grant access to your Facebook Pages, it allows custom fields to be synced between Perfex and Facebook and you can subscribe to multiple pages of yours. Set-up You will not need any coding skills in order to set this payment module up, but you need to create a Facebook App through Facebook Developers account. Make sure that you understand what a Facebook App is and its review process for the necessary permissions in full, since you will need to go through it, from your personal account. We do provide a step-by-step video regarding configuration and a detailed guide on how to set up a Facebook App after you sign up for a Facebook Developer account, along with a guide on how to request needed permissions by Facebook team (manage_pages,leads_retrieval) and how to integrate necessary products with your app (Facebook Login,Webhooks). Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-leads-integration-sync-module-for-perfex-crm/25623248 Download: doniaweb.com_facebook-leads-integration-sync-module-for-perfex-crm .zip
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    Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/pubg-tournament-app/23898180 Download: doniaweb.com_pubg-tournament-app.zip
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    For all the people who are thinking about creating a movie website, or who already have one, but it is not very attractive, I come to present this theme for wordpress called Toroflix. The Theme has a Movie and Series import plugin that will make your life easier. You can have all your movies and all the chapters of the series updated, with its cover in a very simple way, besides having sipnosis and trailer. The theme DBMOVIES plugin importer is only for movies, for the moment but in the next updates will be addet for series also and autoplayers for both movies and series You can place your players online, and also your download links. Toroflix contains all the features you need to have an attractive and revenue-generating website. If you want to see the demo you can go here: DEMO Contact Us Skype : https://join.skype.com/LIEwmaTHEF4K PRICE:FREE toroflix.zip
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    Introduction to Proacademy Proacademy is an all-in-one solution for creating online education marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, etc. This platform is packed with lots of awesome features based on real business needs so you can start your online education business right now! Proacademy is based on Laravel’s powerful & safe framework. We are also working on Proacademy React native Android & iOS application and we will release it as soon as possible separately. You can buy it too and make your content more accessible. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/proacademy-lms-online-courses-marketplace/25384806 Download: [Hidden Content]
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    Grupo is a use-friendly & easy to install-able JSON based PHP chatroom script with more than 110+ Features. Grupo chat rooms are equipped with security features that make hackers and spammers a thing of the past. No Flash, Java, or other browser plugins are needed to run your chat room. Easily create your own chat room without any knowledge of coding. The options and features in your chat room can be adjusted according to your preference. Grupo V2 Features Secret Group Admin/Moderator only Group Mode Voice Messaging Attachment Preview (Video, Audio, Image) Draggable Preview Box Link Preview Send Gifs based on Tenor Invite Group via link Send invitations to People without Account Auto Delete Users Auto Unjoin Groups Load Group via Link Embed Group Chat Unsplash Slideshow (Signin Page) QR Code Generator Share Screenshot Directly (Print Screen) Cache System Cron Jobs User Name Color RTL/LTR Text Direction Custom Profile Cover Add Group Users Without an Invitation SMTP Authentication Typing Indicator Read Receipts Drag & Drop File Upload/Attachment Auto TimeZone Set Max Messages Per Load Infinite Scrolling 15+ Sound Notifications Turn On/Off Sound Notifications Enable/Disable Email Verification Easy Customizer UI Changes Read More Limit 10+ Fonts Welcome Screen Change Message Alignment Required & Drop Down Profile Fields Expand ChatBox/Hide Left or Right Side New Searching Method Converts emails to hyperlinks PHP 7.4 Support Change Font size via Apperance 24/12 Hour Time Format Added Search Option in Popup Form Enable/Disable Email Notifications Enable/Disable Google Analytics New Message Alert in Title Bar Sign in Page Modification Set Max Login Attempts Limit Send Message Character Count Restrict Sharing Links Show/Hide Languages Set Results per Load Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/grupo-pro-chat-room-script/25263116 Download: doniaweb.com_grupo-pro-chat-v2.zip
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    All of our sample games are solid hack proof. You can use them for serious gaming. Have your own reward app without any 3rd party conversion tracker. This app has a built-in installation conversion tracking system. Moreover, you can integrate / inject your Android Studio or Unity game into this app. Intregrated ad networks AdColony, AdGateMedia, AdMob, AdWorkMedia, Applovin, AyetStudios, Chartboost, CPAGrip, CPALead, Fyber, IronSrc, Mgcash, OfferToro, OGAds, Personaly, SuperRewards, TapJoy, Vungle Highlighted features Android Studio (Java) based source code. 18 third-party ad networks Own offerwall (tracker / non-tracker) S2S postback system with reverse lead listener Facebook, Google and Custom login / registration New referral link system (image demonstration given below) Two types of crediting (points & coins) Three types of exchange (Coin, by gift cards, coin to point exchange) Can remotely add exchange or gift items Daily check-in reward Admin can add reward or give penalty by points Activity history (earning, withdrawal, playing, referral) Implemented leaderboard for your game Built-in app-to-backend support ticketing system Four server-sided sample games added (hack proof) Scope to create game slot for your own game Global notification system along with Firebase push messaging Remotely block rooted device to protect your games from hack tools Remotely block or monitor VPN connection to prevent fraud leads Mass block specific device type Prevent multi account creation from single device Watch active users in Geo map App update notification (compulsory / optional) Optimized PHP backend, can run on shared hosting Scope to add any ad network on demand Many more… Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/mintreward-gaming-edition-of-rewards-app-incl-backend/23686635 Download: doniaweb.com_-mintreward-gaming-edition-of-rewards-app-incl-backend.zip
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    Brief description This module integrated a Mailbox client through your Perfex CRM’s dashboard. By enabling, you will be able to allow your staff members to send/receive/draft/organize e-mails of their IMAP accounts, inside their dashboard. Prerequisites: - You need an IMAP account which can accept connections over SSL/TLS from a third party app (your Perfex installation). If you are running under a 2-way factor authenticator, you need to disable it elsewise, connections wont be accepted by your server.- You need to have cronjob of Perfex set up correctly, as per instructions found here: https://help.perfexcrm.com/setup-cron-job/- You wont be able to use IMAP functionalities under a POP account. Make sure that your account is an IMAP-based one.- This module was made in order to be able to view/respond to all incoming emails, within Perfex. Sent emails from this module will be stored into your sent folder if this option is enabled on your server, but actions like Star/Trash/Important will affect your local inbox (Perfex view) only and they will be stored in the database, along with their attachments in the appropriate folder. This module has no control over your IMAP server – it is not a two-way sync module.- This module parses emails in plain text mode, in order to avoid malicious code being executed inside your dashboard. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/mailbox-webmail-client-for-perfex-crm/25308081 Download: codecanyon-25308081-mailbox-webmail-client-for-perfex-crm.zip
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    YouDate is a dating script powered by PHP framework Yii 2.0. Core features and possibilities: — Browse users nearby or find them in your city — Encounters — Spotlight — User profiles, photos — Private photos — Custom profile fields editor — Custom sex/gender options — Photo moderation — Connections: likes, mutual likes, guests — Messaging, attachments (photos) — Gifts (multiple categories support) — Premium features like raising up in search or incognito mode, prioritized messages — Administration area — Reports system — Blocks system — Responsive retina template — Plugins system — Theme customization (create your own theme or extend from existing one) — RTL support (main theme) — Languages support: english (by default), spanish, italian, german, russian, french — Language editor: add your own languages in admin area — GDPR-related: profile data export (HTML or JSON); ability to delete data Changelog: Version 1.9 - Jun 13 2019 ------------------------- + New: much bigger data-source for countries, cities/towns. See https://youdate.hauntd.me/documentation/upgrade.html + New: photo attachments in messages (up to 5 photos per message) + New: GDPR related: data export feature (HTML or JSON) + Added "one country" mode (Admin > Settings > Main) + Added feature to detect city/town by IP address. See https://youdate.hauntd.me/documentation/upgrade.html * Optimized thumbnails (direct static links instead of PHP actions when thumbnails have been already created) * Changed limits for credits amount * Updated dependencies (Yii 2.0.20, payment SDK and others) * Installer fixes and improvements * Theme styles updated * Fixed main photo assignment in some cases * Fixed various typos (cron related) * Fixed some translations * Removed autocomplete for cities inputs Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/youdate-dating-script/22474999 Download: doniaweb.com_youdate-v1.9.zip
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    YT Tool Station is a bundled collection of best tools for YouTube videos.Such as Tags generator, y2mp3 Converter, live subscribers counter & more. List of Tools For Videos YouTube Video Downloader (HD Quality) Convert YouTube Video To mp3 YouTube Mp3 player YouTube SEO Tags Generator YouTube Video Thumbnails Generator YouTube Video Titles Generator Extract Video Tags By URL Extract Video Thumbnail By URL Extract Video Animated thumbnail From Page Source Codes Watch YouTube Age Restricted Videos Without Sign in YouTube Custom Codes Generator For Channels YouTube Channel Analytics Find YouTube Channel Keywords YouTube Channel Username Checker Find YouTube Channel Banner YouTube Channel Live Subscriber Counter Find YouTube Channel ID Other Tools Find Top 100 YouTubers (by worldwide or country) Find Trending Videos by Country YouTube Earnings Calculate (Video/Channel) Demo Front End Demo: http://demo.mwtlakshan.com/yt-tool-station/ Admin Panel Demo: Admin demo Admin username: admin Admin password: admin123 Features 20+ useful tools API keys not required Admin panel SEO ready Multiple theme color (Green /red /purple /blue ) Auto update feature Blog section Responsive layout Requirements PHP 7.0 or above PDO and MySQLI extension “cUrl” must be allowed. Installation No advanced technical knowledge required. Also only few seconds and clicks are needed, to install the script. Change Log YT Tool Station [v1.1] (24 March 2020) - Added: YouTube Video download tool - Added: YouTube Mp3 Player tool - Added: Custom embed code generator tool - Added: Age restricted videos viewer tool - Added: Blog section - Added: Auto update feature - Added: Tools enabled/disabled option - Added: Multiple theme colors - Updated: Design improved. - Updated: Admin panel updated - Updated: Top youtubers tool - Fixed: Mp3 converter issue Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/yt-tool-station-php-script-with-admin-panel/25595413 Download: doniaweb.com_yt-tool-station-php-script-with-admin-panel.zip
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    Acelle Mail – current version 4.0 LTS (Feb, 14th 2020) Acelle Mail is a self hosted, open source, full-featured and easy to use Email Marketing Web Application written in PHP / Laravel 5 that lets you send high-volume marketing emails via your own server or through other email service (SMTP) providers. Acelle Mail comes as a fully open source product. Install Acelle on your own web server and you can use marketing/transaction emails without any limitation. You can get rid of expensive email services like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign… as now you can have full control over the entire system of your own. Acelle can be configured to send email through your own SMTP servers like Postfix, Exim, Sendmail or Qmail. It can also integrate with other email service providers like Mailgun, SendGrid, SparkPost, ElasticEmail or Amazon SES. Acelle is also designed as a SaaS platform, allowing you to manage and sell your email services to the others. See how Acelle Mail works: With version 4.0, Acelle Mail now supports Zapier, an integration service which allows you to, in turn, integrate and sync with almost everything! Version 4.0 also comes with an entirely new Automation workflow allowing you to visually design your marketing strategy 4.0.18 / 2020-02-10 ================== * Fixed: sending identity not working in certain cases * Fixed: better SMTP error handling * Fixed: automation visual designer not loading correctly * Fixed: no longer require write permission on public/ folder * Fixed: KEY event issue with builder pro * Fixed: irrelevant content injected into outgoing email * Fixed: unexpected input fields injected into email content * Added: allowing switching to basic email builder * Added: allowing viewing of available identities list * Added: file manager for basic email builder Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/acelle-email-marketing-web-application/17796082 Download: [Hidden Content]
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    Profile.me is a multiuser profile, resume and vcard script. It comes with clean, secured, responsive, SEO friendly & eye-catching design which will attract your future employer with the first impression. You can easily add your Services, Experiences, Skills, Portfolios & Blogs without any coding skills. This script is perfect to promote yourself and your business, focused for: multiuser, portfolio, freelancer, photographer, artworks, art, artist portfolio, web designer, illustrators, designer, developers, programmers & coder. Version 1.7 - 03/08/2020 -Added site blogs -Added terms & conditions page -Added email verification -Added SMTP mail -Fix admin user edit -Fix user expire -Fix responsive in frontend menu -Fix disable/expire user profile hide issue -Improve dashboard design Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/profileme-multiuser-profile-resume-script/23743952 Download: doniaweb.com_profileme-v1.7.zip
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    Create your application in minutes Application from scratch with Alstrapp constructor - No monthly fee - No programming knowledge - Independence from our resources - 100% open source - Convert website to application - Just enter the address of your site and download the finished application Convert website to application - completely online - One site - 3 applications (Android, iOS, Windows) - No programming knowledge required - Free PUSH Newsletters - Only 5 minutes of your time Demo: https://alstrapp.com/ Download: doniaweb.com_alstrapp-v1.5.zip
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    BOOK CMS has the custom profile of driver services Car, Bike, auto & Scooty WALLET Inbuilt wallet system in the app which will credit or debit according to the trips. COUPON Use a coupon to get a discount on your ride and enjoy many other discounts, in the future. LIVE TRACKING Customers can always see where the nearest drivers are in real-time in your customer-facing mobile apps. FARE ESTIMATE According to the distance of the ride, a fare is will be estimated to the user. POWERFUL BACK-END The app will work efficiently and have an instant response. SECURED PAYMENT ( Stripe) The payment process will be securely handled by the Stripe payment gateway for your safety. LIVE TRACKING Your customers can see where the nearest drivers are in real-time in your customer-facing mobile apps. CHANGE/CANCEL BOOKING Your customers have the comfort of changing or cancelling a booking at before ride. TRIP HISTORY Customers and Drivers can check the trip history and see where their previous points of service requests were. RIDE CHOICE App has a large variety of cars. Get yourself a car suitable for the number of people travelling. Comfort is everything! this application don’t support shared server due to api ands storage issue the recommended server the mention in the manual avail after purchase this application need you to have the knowledge of Laravel application in Live or cloud servers Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/thinkin-cab-bike-book-car-bike-auto-full-custom-code/23195568 Download: doniaweb.com_thinkin-cab-v4.0.zip
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    Website Auto Traffic Generator Ultimate (WAT) is a software tool designed to make your website popular over the Internet. This tool will help you in a short time to inSurf modecrease the visibility of your site or blog in search results. WAT is useful for anyone who has a website or blog and wants to get free traffic to make their product or service popular. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Surf mode New generation traffic feature! The traffic will be exactly as users view multiple pages of your site. Create unlimited traffic There are no restrictions on the generation of traffic, you can generate any amount of traffic. Just specify any maximum value! Traffic from different geographical locations Web page traffic from around the world. You can also manually set places like USA, UK, China, Australia, etc.! Keywords and referral traffic You can specify keywords suitable for your sites to attract traffic from search engines. Also get referral traffic from several sites Multiple sources Traffic from 8 search engines (Google, Bing, etc.), 9 social network referrals (Fb, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and more than 10 platforms / web browsers (Linux, Android, Firefox, Chrome , Yandex, etc.) Campaign Traffic Makes you create campaigns and generate traffic based on this! Driving modes Automatically manage and optimize sessions, pageviews, and bounce rates for your site Advanced Switching Options You can define switching options for your web browser, platform, location, session duration, etc., to make traffic exactly the same as regular user traffic! Extended Location Specification WAT automatically returns proxies if you provide a proxy website URL. You can also manually add proxies, regardless of location, according to your preference. You do not need to worry if the proxy is working, WAT will check it automatically! Profiles You can save all your settings anywhere on your computer as profiles. You can use import to start at another time! Organic and direct traffic Allows you to determine if traffic is organic or direct traffic! Google Analytics Support You can view traffic statistics in Google Analytics, as well as in any other web analytics service. Demo: https://wat.techipick.com/ Download: doniaweb.com_Website Auto Traffic Generator Ultimate 7.3.zip
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    Features Material Design: Full material design with animated drawer icon, wave and card layouts. Completely customizable in all colors. With subtle animations such as parallax headers and faded toolbars. Tablet UI: A dedicated two-tier tablet layout and immersive insight to read articles and view content without distractions. Push Notifications by OneSignal: Send push messages and URLs to your users easily. Customizable: Easily make your application your own by translating and customizing colors and using your own icons for menu items. NativeWeb Progressive Technology ™: Never before has web content been so beautiful. We inject custom CSS to optimize the device’s screen page and create a unified look. Social: allows your users to share content and promote your app at the same time. In-app media viewer: View images (embedded), videos and audio content in your application, full screen. Connection Manager: Detects automatically when there is no connection and prompts the user to continue when the Internet is restored. Real Documentation: Instructions for the first application (installation of java, sdk etc). Step-by-step import and model customization. Video Tutorials – Instruction videos to set up the SDK and Android Studio by opening the appropriate files, changing the name of your package, and exporting your application. Dynamic update: Update the app by pulling the screen down. Change Log – new version 6.0 – April 25, 2019 Sliding menu with 100% native functions. Login admin. Paypal Agent_. Stripe Agent_. Popup (Bug fix). Video documentation. Image documentation. Native app share function Code correction (cleaner) I´cone de carregar páginas .gif/.png/.jpg. Navigation bar in navigation color. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/weboox-convert-perfex-crm-to-app-android/22957310 Download: [Hidden Content]
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    Mire películas y programas de televisión en línea o transmita directamente a su televisor inteligente, consola de juegos, PC, Mac, teléfono móvil, tableta y más. Creado según el marco de Laravel, la interfaz está escrita en VueJS.Demostración: https://codecanyon.net/item/cinemarex-strea...ervice/21666106 Documentación: https://docs.ankitech.space/ Requisitos: 1- FFmpeg 4.02- Nodejs3- Pusher (Service)4- TMDB (optional)5- AWS (optional)6- Jwplayer cinemarex-streaming-service-v1.4.9.zip
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    Description: Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software. Tradebox is for the cryptocurrency trading and selling.even you can request for buy and sell at a specific price. There have withdrawal and deposit option. Tradebox is now at version 5.3 Admin Login : http://tradebox.bdtask.com/demo-v5.3/admin Trading Page : http://tradebox.bdtask.com/demo-v5.3/exchange/?market=LTC_BTC Features : #1 Trading platform on Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency buy and sell system Exchange the coin you can add your own coin You can select given 2300 + Coins in the system You can create Coin Market You can Pair the Coin Market Payment gateway added of Paypal, Payeer, Gourl,Stripe and mobile Money Transaction Setup System You can Limit your user of withdraw and transfer money Here have live chat in exchange page Email and SMS system for deposit and withdraw 100% Secure Payment and Trading System Responsive website with Exchange Dashboard Customer can see his open trade Customer can see his trade history Customer can withdraw or transfer money And many More… Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software Tradebox is one of the best cryptocurrency trading software. It deals with crypto trading, buy-sell, pair exchange and launching. What is a Tradebox? Tradebox is the ultimate cryptocurrency trading platform management system. It is almost alternative of Binance. It has both front end part and backend. Front-end refers to a responsive website to explore your business. A trader can register to your platform and use it effortlessly. Backend refers to admin panel and it is designed to manage your crypto enterprise. You can add your own coin & create a new market. It can also be used as cryptocurrency exchanger. If you get Tradebox, you can manage your crypto trading, buy-sell, exchange etc without any hassle. For whom the Tradebox is? Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneur who is dreaming to start a new crypto trading business, Tradebox is a ready-made platform for his/her. Cryptocurrency trading platform owner: Tradebox is a blessing for all digital currency trader, who are want to manage their platform and trading activities from a definite place. A trading platform owner who has bought Tradebox can easily provide currency trading facilities to digital currency trader by exchange of fees and thus he can earn huge amount of money. What is Cryptocurrency Trading Software? Cryptocurrency is one of the greatest revolutions in the present world. It is known as a digital currency which is being produced & managed by blockchain technology. As it is the result of technology, so there is an enormous auto set arithmetic logical coding project(software) related to it. However, the thousand dollar question is what is cryptocurrency trading software? Cryptocurrency trading software is a set of code which is designed to manage every aspect of crypto trading. As we know digital currency is a new innovation in our world economy as the alternative of physical currencies. Hence there has created a new capital market and trading business opportunity like forex trading. Which is known as cryptocurrency trading? This business module is the function with cryptocurrency buy, sell, exchange, pair-exchange, analysis, investment etc. The software which is made for handling these functions is called Cryptocurrency trading software. As we said earlier, our project was heavily inspired by well-known cryptocurrency exchange and trading software, and our goal is to make Tradebox a match with them and even better. How Can Tradebox will help you? Making Offers: Users may make a purchase or offer for a particular coin upheld by the stage. The accompanying parameters can be set for each offer: Deposit Method: Your decision of deposit from the predefined strategies for installment which you wish to pay or get instalments. Range: The scope of the sum that must be set while making the offer. For an offer, you should have more than the scope of the sum in your wallet before it very well may be shown for potential purchasers. Anyway, for purchase offer, you may indicate as wide the range as conceivable. If the exchange has been begun by a potential vendor, you need to get together with the instalment before the exchange consequently terminates. Offer Instruction: This is shown to your exchange accomplice once the exchange has begun. It could contain additional data to guarantee an effective exchange. Requirement Preference: You may indicate the check prerequisite, (for example, telephone or email confirmation) from a client before an exchange can be started with you. Additionally, you may confine its permeability to confided in contacts as it were. Starting Trade: As a purchaser or merchant, you may choose from the rundown of accessible offers from the commercial center with which you can start an exchange. A portion of the highlights of exchange incorporate. Real-time Notification: Every client can screen the exchanges from anyplace on the site. And they might not need to continue invigorating the page on the grounds that the stage sends notices with an alarm tone in a flash. Buy & Sell: Trading on p2p may include purchasing/offering of cryptographic forms of money on with the capacity to pay or get installments in differing measure of ways. For instance, a great many people like to get a coin in return for any of the accompanying classification of installment. Be that as it may, the overseer can include or evacuate based on the area of their business. Many others feature it has: Multi-coin Support: This is the thing that you would not discover the most P2P cryptocurrency trade stage. We offer help for multi-money, be that as it may, packaged with this discharge is just Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin. We plan to offer an opportunity of a decision of crypto coin in future updates. Constant warning: We guarantee that nothing moves beyond the client by giving a continuous notice arrangement of every dynamic exchange and exercises. With this setup client should not have to invigorate the program, yet tune in for approaching warning tone. Multi-cash and Real-time Cryptocurrency Prices: Regardless of any place you need to set up your business we have in excess of 100 fiat money which your clients can browse. Their wallet balance cost is additionally refreshed with what might be compared to its change. Email and SMS Notification: We have given SMS warning also which is made accessible just for some extremely imperative data to be passed. Despite all, clients can empower or impair the sort of notice they need Continuous Presence Status: Users might be either away, on the web or disconnected anytime. So with the end goal to abstain from misdirecting potential dealers, CryptEx underpins continuous nearness status of all clients which refreshes progressively. Two Factor Authentication: Nowadays most stage with conspicuous security, requires a client to set up a two-factor confirmation utilizing both of Google Authenticator or Authy. You can inquire about additional on how they function from their official locales Telephone and Email Verification: Tradebox worked in view of security so we will, in general, include whatever number confirmations mean as could be expected under the circumstances. Among these, it additionally underpins email and SMS affirmation, basically guarantee that the two drivers are setup legitimately. You may need to allude to the documentation. Client Contacts: Users may spare contacts of their most believed accomplices of exchange, this will give them a quicker access to their offers. As opposed to glancing through the various offers on the commercial center constantly. This is just about the trading software we can layout at this moment. This report will be refreshed frequently to fittingly mirror every one of its highlights. We will abandon you to choose yourself in the wake of attempting the demo adaptation. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/tradebox-cryptocurrency-buy-sell-and-trading-software/22673650 Download: [Hidden Content]
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    SmartStore – SMM Store Script SmartStore – SMM Store Script is an online social media marketing tool (web application) that allows and helps allows you to create SMM Store and start resell SMM services. You can provide quality and cheap SMM Services to your customers, they can buy all packages or services like Facebook likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, Youtube Viewers and many more using your the panel. You can manage all orders, payments, Packages inside the admin area. Only need to connect SMM providers, process with your orders automatically. Changle log: Version 1.1 – Nov 1, 2019 - [NEW]: Add emded code field (In head tag of page) - Fixed: Multi Language System. - Fixed: Emded JS code in home page and client page. - Fixed: Small bugs relate to script. Version 1.0 – Oct 10, 2019 - Initial Release Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/smartstore-smm-store-script/24815787 Download: doniaweb.com_SmartStore-v1.1.zip
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    Rounding off last year (2018) when we release the last update for 2018 "Crea8social Version 7.2.3" we promised to embark on a new approach to our future updates by focusing on your feedback and suggestions for the platform. We are glad to introduce to you our first major update of the year 2019 with the release of Crea8social version 7.3, our team embarked on this version development immediately after the new year holiday. So much effort has been thrown into the new Crea8social Version 7.3 and with the help of some of our esteem clients, we have been able to run the beta version on their server and also on our live demo. Crea8social Version 7.3 comes with lots of improvements to the platform and some new additions from your suggestions on our feedback page. Premium plugins like the Livestream and MediaChat plugin were redeveloped to allow you set up any *combination of ICE servers of your choice directly from the AdminCP Below are the highlights of the aspect of the platform that the new update is affected. --ADDED Night mode --ADDED Google language translator --ADDED Premium Photo filter plugin --ADDED Paystack payment gateway --ADDED Payment gateway for multiple crypto-currencies --ADDED Portuguese Language --ADDED Spanish Language --IMPROVED Livestream plugin --IMPROVED MediaChat plugin A complete changelog is available for more details about the improvements and fixes implemented in this 7.3 release. Download v7.3: doniaweb.com_crea8social-v7.3-nulled.zip You can also download version 7.3.2 here:
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    SocialProofo is a fully loaded toolkit with marketing tools, plugins and pop-ups to create FOMO, Social Proof, Engage and keep your website visitors. The cost to run campaigns like these round up to $500/year from other companies. Why would you want to pay $50+/month for a service like this when you can pay $69 once and have the product for lifetime? Save more than $500+ a year by choosing SocialProofo SocialProofo is also SAAS ready, if you want yourself to start a fruitful business and charge your customers with integrated one time and recurring payments via Paypal and Stripe, with included Invoicing system and Discounts/Redeemable codes system as well. Update 1.6.0 – 23 January, 2020 New ------ - Added support for Punncycode campaign domains (domains which contain UTF-8 characters) - Remade the dates translation mechanism to not be based on the server settings anymore but to be fully translatable from the language file. - Added the ability for the user to change his timezone according to his needs. - Added the ability to the admin to login as any user on the system directly via the admin panel. - Added the ability to enable only the One time payment or Recurring or Both from the admin panel. - Implemented the "Codes" system to create Redeemable and Discount codes from the admin panel. - Replaced Account Details page with 2 new separate pages: Account Payments and Account Logs. - Added Account Package page where the user gets more details about his current package his upgrading possibilities. - Reworked almost the entire Admin panel look making it more user friendly, visually pleasing and fixing other visual bugs. - Added the list of Campaigns a user has in the Admin User View page. - Implemented payment notifications for the user when a payment has been processed. - Implemented the ability to turn off the Notification shadow. - Implemented the ability to set the Border width and Border color for each notification. - Implemented the ability to change the animation of the notifications when entering and exiting the screen. - Implemented pages categories. - Reworked and improved the pages system. - Implemented "Resources center" where you can see the most popular pages and categories for all the pages Improvements ------- - Improved the way the Notification Create page looks. - Improved the way the Notification settings, statistics & data page looks. - Improved the way the Dashboard campaigns look. - Improved the way the Campaign page looks. - Now the track_logs table will automatically clean itself via Cronjob by removing non-used records older than 30 days to improve performance and save database size. - Restructured the Account settings page. - Now the datepicker is fully translatable as well. - Highly improved the processing speed to any actions related to Campaigns, Notifications & Notification statistics. - Refactored the way campaign domains are parsed when people add campaigns. Now it will accept any type of URL with any types of characters included in the URL. - Invoice header buttons now remove when printing. - Improve the email sending feature by adding the "Alternative body" to improve the email receiving rates (Thank you Kevin for the suggestion). - Improved the way notifications display on Login, Lost password, Reset password, Register, Resend activation pages. - Improved the Registration workflow so that if the Free package is deactivated but the Trial is enabled, the user will automatically get the trial package. - Remade the datepicker field and improved the design of the datepicker to feel more integrated. - Translated other small not yet translatable strings on the site. - Improved the look of the homepage. - Reworked all notifications to fit the Close button properly. - Notifications now will not show up if you are on "Print" mode to avoid sticking up when shouldn't. Bugfixes ------ - Fixed last activity field of the user not being updated properly. - Fixed the way tooltips show on Switch controls (on/off). - Fixed some inputs not able to be copied (webhook urls and admin settings cronjob url) - Stripe payments formatting for currencies which are considered "zero-decimal currencies" (ex: JPY) Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/social-proof-skyrocket-conversions-growth/24033812 Download: doniaweb.com_social-proof-v1.6.0.zip
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    Oobbenn PHP Social Network Nulled Script Welcome to oobenn product page. oobenn is a social networking platform with instagram interface. With features hosted in oobenn content is a unique script that can be used for multiple projects.You can enable or disable the parts that members use to share. For example, if you have a video sharing project, you will have a video sharing project if you activate the video sharing feature of oobenn and disable other fields. 9 different sharing features are available. More features are being added with updates. The currently available sharing features are: Text Sharing Feature Image Sharing Feature Video Sharing Feature Music/Audio Sharing Feature Link Sharing Feature Filter Image Sharing Feature Gif Sharing Feature Location Sharing Feature WaterMark Sharing Feature BenchMark Sharing Feature Product Sharing Feature I Features User Features : News Feed (Following Friends Activity): displays messages posted by following users. Videos, images, audios, links, suggested pages and much more. Profile Displays your user profile along with Events, photos, Videos, Areas of interest and much more. Photos: View and show all the photos you share here All Events: Users can see his own NewsFeed Videos, Photos, Links, Locations and much more… Likes: for updates with latest profile images preview and total likes counter. #hashtag in updates, comments, videos ect. Trending Topics: Top 5 trending topics on NewsFeed page and Top 5 Trending Topics on #hashtag Click Sounds When you click like button click sounds will apper like facebook. Click Vibrate When you click like button click vibrate will apper like facebook Block: When you block someone you do not like. The person you blocked can no longer view your shares. Notifications Get notifications (red notification with bubble counter) from your following users when they: Like, Comment, friend request and Follows. User Mention System User can tag his friend in any post or comment. It will give also a notification by tagget user friends. Post Privacy: – Everyone – Available to everyone, – Following – Available to following users, – Followers – Available just followers, – Just me – Only you can see Report report messages, comments and profiles Cover and profile images for user profile Retina Display Ready Responsive Design Filters Posts Events, locations, videos, links ect. Friends suggestions Change Langauge Day / Night Mode like Twitter Instagram Style Story Badoo Style Interested Tumblr Style User Hover Card Tumblr Style Post Types Online Friend List How many friends see storyTotal display is calculated separately for each status update. Edit Post Disable / Enable comment Fast answer Fast answer working like instagram story. Sticker Sticker system working like facebook. Whatsapp Style Text Edit User can change the text style like whatsapp. In this feature have tree type for text: Bold, italic and strikethrough text. Welcome Page Templates After you buy the oobenn you can see there is tree template for wellcome theme. You can use which one you like. Also you can create a welcome page template for your project. It is very easy. User can add Profile Background Audio User can add Profile background image PayPal Payment System Advertising System User Credit System Gif System like facebook Scroll to play video like instagram Share video on story page Share image on story page Manage your stories See how many user viewed your shared stories PayPal Payment Gateway User can buy Credit User can create Advertisement Admin can Create Advertisement Per view advertisement Per click advertise Manage Advertisement Self-Desctruction message like badoo Send video, file, music and images on chat page. See multiple image in nice popup slide show Instagram style multiple image slider Watermark System BenchMark SystemThis feature is the first in the world Image Crop System User can upload and crop AVATAR/COVER and Uploaded BenchMark images. 12 BenchMark category 18 Watermark bg Image (Admin can add more watermark bg using admin dashboard) Users can edit/Customize their profile colors, backgorund image, background sound Users can change profile font style with 51 different font. Users can share his/her location. Users can share gif using giphy API User can Create Event Event creator full manage his/her own Event Tumbnail system 5 Different Login & Register Page Template. More coming soon.. WhatsApp style Video Preview without changing the url. Support (12 big website) YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, VideoJug, Blip, Screenr, SlideShare, flickr, funnyordie and devianart Re-Share User can ReShare liked posts like tumblr Unlike Post User can Unlike Posts Weather Post Text Translate like Facebook Voice recording for comment 6 Feeling Category and 111 Feeling Icon 27 Product Category Slider Advertisement system Product Click Counter Product Seen Counter Menu and Icon system Market Place Profile system. User can buy template for his/her business. Like tumblr blog template system. and so much more feature. New features continue to be added every two weeks… Admin/Features User manage : Edit, delete user Post magange : Edit , delete users posts. All Site Statistic Edit Langauge Welcome templates Website management Manage features Manage advertisements Manage gifs Manage Stickers and so much more… Updates Version3.7.3.1 [Added] - MarketPlace system [Added] - Product Search System [Added] - Product Boost System [Added] - Market Profile System [Added] - Buy Market Template System (This system working like tumblr blog template system. User can purchase for his/her marketplace business) [Added] - 27 Product Category [Added] - Slider Advertisement system [Added] - 2 Market Template [Added] - Instagram style boosted product system. Boosted posts change color. [Added] - Discount Calculate system [Added] - Boost Widget for Right Sidebar [Added] - Icon System [Added] - Menu system. Admin can change menu position. The system have two type menu system now. [Added] - 2 icon system. Admin can manage the icons. [Added] - Auto map system for products [Added] - Marketplace profile : Products, Sold, about [Added] - Boosted products page. User can manage his/her boost. [Added] - Manage Products [Added] - Manage Boosted products [Added] - Manage marketplace features [Added] - Manage marketplace categories [Added] - Manage marketplace Advertisement slider. [Added] - Enable Disable product share syste. [Added] - Enable Disable product search system [Added] - Enable Disable Advertisement slider system. [Added] - Marketplace theme system [Fixed] - javascript bug [Fixed] - css bugs [Improved] - Speed Version3.7.2 [Added] - Voice Record (from comment feature) [Added] - Text translate feature like Facebook (Yandex API) [Added] - Added <strong>6 Feeling Category and 111 Feeling Icon</strong> [Improved] - Video Feature (No need FFMPEG for video tumbnial) [Added] - Admin can add, edit, delete feeling activities. [Improved] - Benchmark Feature [Improved] - Css codes [Improved] - Javascript codes [Added] - Dislike Count [Fixed] - Share feature bug [Improved] - Share feature [Improved] - Explore Page [Added] - Manage Feelings (Add, Edit, Delete) from admin panel [Added] - Manage Yandex Translate API from admin panel Version3.7.1 [Added] - Dislike Post Feature [Added] - Enable Disable Dislike Button from Admin Panel [Added] - Weather API [Added] - Enable Disable Weather API from Admin panel [Added] - Re-Share Post [Improved] - Improved BenchMark feature. Now user can see how many people Benched post. [Fixed] - Image Upload twice bug [Fixed] - 5+ Reported CSS Bugs. [Improved] - The script has been made much faster. [Improved] - Admin panel [Improved] - Login & Register pages [Added] - Page PreLoading [Improved] - Ajax Requests Version3.7 [Added] - Registration Limit for every IP [Added] - Enable Disable Register from Admin Panel [Added] - WhatsApp style Video Preview without changing the url. Support (12 big website) YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, VideoJug, Blip, Screenr, SlideShare, flickr, funnyordie and devianart [Added] - Admin can manage all post categories. [Added] - Advertisement code system. Admin can add advertisement code and manage the advertisement area like Enable/Disable. Header, right sidebar and between posts. [Fixed] - Chat scroll bug. [Fixed] - Chat twice message bug. [Fixed] - 10+ CSS Bugs. [Improved] - The script has been made much faster. [Improved] - Admin panel [Added] - thumbnail system [Improved] - Installation system [Improved] - Login & Register pages Version3.6 - [Fixed] 5+ CSS Bugs - [Fixed] 8+ PHP Bug - [Improved] Php BenchMark feature - [Improved] Admin Panel - [Added] Event Feture Features of the EVENT feature - Event Creator can select a cover photo in 10+ ready cover like facebook - Event Creator can select a cover photo in 10+ ready cover like facebook - Event Creator can select event category in 25+ event category list. - Event Name - Event Description - Event Start Date - Event Time - Event End Date - Event End Time - Enable / Disable => Share event with friends after create - Enable / Disable => Users can invite his/her friends to this event - Enable / Disable => Guests can share something on event page. Event Page feature - How many people are attending this event - How many people are interested in this event. - Invite your friends to this event - Guests can share Text - Guests can share Image - Guests can share Video - Guests can share Music/Audio - Guests can share Link - Guests can share Filter Image - Guests can share Gif - Guests can share Location - Guests can share WaterMark - Guests can share BenchMark Event Admin feature - Event Creator can Change Event Cover (with crop feature) - Event Creator can Enable / Disable user can invite their friends - Event Creator can change event details - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow share event feature for his/her event - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Text feature - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Image - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Video - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Music/Audio - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Link - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Filter Image - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Gif - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow Location - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow WaterMark - Event Creator can Allow / Disallow BenchMark - [Added] Upcoming Events Page with 25+ category slider - [Added] 25+ Event category - [Added] 10+ Event ready cover photo - Admin can add/delete event category - Admin can add/delete event ready to use cover photo - Admin can change script logo from admin panel - Admi can change mobile logo from admin panel. - [Improved] Notification Feature - [Added] New Language Wods - [Improved] htaccess Rules Version3.5 - [Fixed] CSS Bugs - [Added] Watermark System - [Added] BenchMark post System - [Improved] Languages - [Improved] Php codes - [Improved] Css codes - [Improved] Admin panel - [Improved] Profile Edit Feature - [Added] 18 Watermark background image - [Added] 12 BenchMark category - [Added] Users can share emoji from the comments, posts, titles, profile info, chat everywhere. - [Added] Image Crop System. Now users can crop their avatar and cover image. - [Added] Pretty URL - [Added] Copy Post URL link from share other social networking box. - [Added] Now admin can select main language and also, The administrator can now allow or refuse members to select a language. - [Added] Admin can add new Watermark background image - [Added] Admin can edit all users profile details. - [Added] Admi can change script type. The administrator can activate or disable the post features. Version3.4 - [Fixed] CSS Bugs - [Added] Share Location System - [Added] Gif Post system using Giphy API - [Improved] All icons - [Improved] Php codes - [Improved] Css codes - [Improved] Admin panel - [Improved] Profile Edit Feature - [Added] 51 Google Font for Profile Edit feature. - [Added] Share post 14 Different social networking platform. (facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, vkontakte,reddit, linkedin, whatsapp, viber, digg, delicious, evernote, yahoo and gmail) - [Added] Google PushNotification API system. - [Added] Copy Post URL system Version3.3.3 - [Fixed] Bugs - [Added] Scroll to play video like instgram - [Added] Self-Destruction message on chat feture - [Added] Video, image, audio and file send on chat feature - [Added] Admin can more manage script features. - It continues to be developed. Version3.3.1- (IMPORTANT AND URGENT UPDATE!) - [Fixed] Installation bug Version3.3.2 – (IMPORTANT AND URGENT UPDATE!) - [Fixed] SQL bug - [Added] php.ini file for better performance - [Fixed] 2 CSS bug fixed Version3.3.1 – (IMPORTANT AND URGENT UPDATE!) - [Fixed] Installation bug Version3.3 - [Added] Advertisement Module - [Added] User Manage Advertisement Module - [Added] Create Advertisement with many option - [Added] Gif module for comment - [Added] Show advertisement module between post - [Added] User can add profile background image - [Added] User can manage profile background image - [Added] User can add profile background sound - [Added] User can manage profile backgorund sound - [Added] Admin can approve/delete/edit/reject advertisements - [Added] Admin can create advertisement - [Added] Admin can manage Paypal module - [Added] Admin can edit Advertisement modules - [Added] Admin can add more Stickers - [Added] Admin can add more Gif(image) - [Fixed] Post bug - [Fixed] 5+ CSS bug - [Fixed] javascript bug - [Fixed] Ajax bug - [Improved] CSS - [Improved] Javascript - [Improved] Ajax - [Improved] PNG files - [Improved] PHP codes - [Added] More sql tables - [Fixed] Chat bug and mouch more Version2.3.1 - [Added] Sticker System Like facebook with 40+ sticker - [Added] Whatsapp style text edit . Bold, italic and strikethrough - [Added] Edit Post - [Added] Enable/Disable Comment - [Added] Online Friends - [Improved] Post System - [Improved] Admin Panel - [Improved] Mention system - [Fixed] 4 Css bug - [Improved] Javascript codes - [Improved] Online Installation page - [Improved] Story update system Version2.3 - [Added] Who can see your stries - [Added] Mention system - [Added] Mention notification System - Notification System Upgrated - CSS is Upgrated - Javascript codes Upgrated - Comment system Upgrated - Added Mention system on comment feature - Added who can see your stories list like facebook Version 2.2 - Fixed login and register - Improved radar - Improved translate - Improved Profile settings - Improved Profile Page - Improved Story system - Changed Stroy system style - Changed post system style - Added fast answer feature with 9 emaoji - Added user search feature with old searched people - Improved admin panel - Added stroies page Version2.1 [Added] - Image Filter Effect (10+) [Added] - Installation System (The installation is 2 Minutes now) [Fixed] - 10+ bugs Previous updates were removed because the script was completely changed. All SVG icons included from: https://icons8.com/ If you like oobenn Instagram Style Social Networking Platform don’t forget to rate it I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to our script.We’ll do our best to assist. please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. More items by mstfoztrk View author portfolio Regular License Regular License Selected $59 Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee. Extended License $999 Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee. View license details $59 Included: Quality checked by Envato Included: Future updates Included: 6 months support from mstfoztrk What does support include? Extend support to 12 months $20.25 Get it now and save up to $27 Price is in US dollars. Price displayed excludes sales tax. mstfoztrk View Portfolio 238 Sales 561 Comments Item Rating: 4.72 stars 4.72 average based on 71 ratings. (more information) Last Update 10 August 19 Created 15 July 16 High Resolution Yes Compatible Browsers IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Layered PNG Software Version PHP 7.x, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x Tags daily, image share, instagram, instagram style social networking script, oobenn, social network, social networking, tumblr, twitter © All Rights Reserved mstfoztrk Contact the Envato Market Help Team oobeen121.rar
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    Create Android WebView mobile app from responsive website. Configure requirment and create your site into an app, RocketWeb can do much more, explore the many useful options & features we offer below: Kotlin Language: This project is developed in Kotlin language with Google latest guideline and material design. Web Engine: RocketWeb configurable WebView is developed with the latest chromium web engine support. Chromium web engine will give you an optimal web browsing experience. Theme Support: To change the theme you can select from our existing theme with gradient style color or single style color. You can also set the color code to get a match with your branding. Android Navigation Drawer: You can remove the slide menu or you can set it by your own choice (options, and others detail). Android Custom Toolbar: We are providing a fully customizable toolbar. So, you can remove the toolbar to make a full-screen app. Also, you can change the toolbar style from our style presets setting. Full-Screen App: If your website has a toolbar to navigate your website, then turn off toolbar from the app and enjoy the native toolbar experience. Left & Right Menu: You can remove the left or right toolbar menu or select the option you want. Local Website Host: You can run your local/offline website in webview Android app. Just save your offline website in the assets folder. Custom Loader: We have an awesome app loader library support. So you can use the library when your website is loading. Splash Screen: We have already made every setting for the splash screen. Just place your transparent logo on our assets folder. No Internet & Error Screen: When the app doesn’t get any internet connection, you can show error message on app screen “no internet connection” or any type of error message related to the problem. Smart Ads Solution: Earn money from AdMob and you can also disable it whenever you want. Our designed ads will not disturb your clients too much. Ask Permission: Based on google guideline RocketWeb webview app will ask required permission when it’s needed. Media Support: RocketWeb supports video (Youtube, vimeo, HTML5 videos etc), audio(.mp3, .wav etc), all image format and animated image (.gif). HTML5 Game: RocketWeb app supports HTML5 games and you can play the game inside the app. File Upload/Download: RocketWeb will allow you to upload and download files. Download Manager: Download any file with our download manager. Push Notification: Push notification with Google cloud messaging, don’t worry we also support One Signal. JavaScript Support: RocketWeb supports every JavaScript Dialog. JS Alert, Toast, Snack-bar: Send a message from your website with JavaScript alert, toast, and snack bar. App Rating & Share: Your user can promote your app with share and rate the app in play store without any configuration. Open External App (Native Application Open): From your website, RocketWeb can open the email app, call a number, open a play store product page or a youtube video etc in the native app. Device Responsive: Our app design will maintain the device responsive automatically. The screen will be supported from 4” to 10” devices. RTL support: The app is left to right layout supported. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/rocketweb-android-web-app-solution-webtoapp/22985174 Download: doniaweb.com_rocketweb-v1.3.3.zip
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    NEW VERSION WHIT IONCUBE DECODER INCLUDED UPDATE.IonCube decrypt supportFix errorsDecrypt complete php scriptsSelect single files or complete folder scriptEval + gzinflate + Base64Recursive De-ObfuscatingFix characters conversion SCREENSHOTS Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/phpscript-decrypter-pro/13985892 Download: doniaweb.com_phpscript-decrypter-pro.zip
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    Sources for creating a taxi application, hiring a driver using React Native (Expo) for iOS and Android. GrabCab Change Log v4.1 Apple Login, Apple has made mandatory to provide apple login if any other social login is present. Other fixes regarding Apple store upload policies Location Notification Card Honk Sound Fix – Notification Sound for Android Driver coming for Pickup – Tracking Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/grabcab-react-native-taxi-booking-full-app/24009645 Download: doniaweb.com_grabcab-react-native-full-taxi-app-v4.1.0.zip
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    Sngine is a PHP Social Network Platform is the best way to create your own social website or online community. Launch it in just 1 minute with ultimate features. It’s fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated. Features User/General Features: Friends Users can add others as a freind Follow/Unfollow Sngine also support following system like Twitter/Facebook Real-Time Real-Time Newsfeed, Chat, & Notifications and Profile Updates Share Users can share any public post on Sngine Smart Publisher Publisher auto-scrap (Music, Videos, Links) YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud Users can share links from these media Notifications Get notifications (red notification with counter) from other users when they: Like, Share, Comment, or @mention you Sound Notifications for New Notifications & Messages Privacy users can change thier privacy settings anytime #Hahtags Post #hashtags in posts, comments and chat conversations @mention user can mention thier friends Photos upload images and have them displayed as a gallery. Groups Stay in touch with the group members and share stories with them. Pages User now can create pages like Facebook. Smiles / Emoticons (smiles) in Messages, Comments and Chat. Mange Blocks Users can block other users preventing them from chatting with each other. Awesome Profile with Covers and Avatars for user/page/group profiles Verify Badge Now profile and pages support verify badge Unified Search Box Live search for #hashtags, posts, pages and groups See More option for cut long-text post like Facebook Retina Display Ready Responsive Design (optimized for iPhone 5 and other iOS devices) SuggestionsFriends suggestions (for new users), Pages to like, Groups to join Script/Admin Features: Portable so you can run it at any hosting easily Ajax Powered system We build it with pure PHP with code easy to follow, so developer could customize it SEO SEO Friendly Urls System Shutdown Turn the entire website On and Off Registration Enabled Turn registration On and Off Send Activation Email Enable/Disable activation email after registration SMTP Emails Enable/Disable SMTP email system reCAPTCHA Enabled Turn reCAPTCHA On and Off Multi-Language multi language platform using ‘gettext’ (Support Arabic and RTL Design) Manage Translations: Admin can add/edit/delete language translations Cache System Advanced caching system for all system and the view templates which guarantee fast loading for the whole website Manage Users Manage your members, edit thier profile details, and verify anyone of them Manage Pages Manage pages that your members created, verify anyone of them Manage Pages Categories Admin can add/edit/delete different categories for pages Manage Groups Edit or Delete user created groups Reports Manage reports by your members Manage Verified User/Pages Admin can make any user/page as verified. Static Pages Admin can add/edit/delete static pages like about, privacy, terms …etc Ads System Admin can add/edit/delete ads for the entire system with different locations. Manage Themes Admin can add/edit/delete themes Advanced Statistics Statistics about User Registrations, Messages, Comments, Reported Messages & Comments, Likes Set Min/Max Results Admin can set Min/Max number of results per request Sngine APIs to get users, pages and groups info, check the online docs to learn more Change Log / Updates Version 2.7 17-02-2020 Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/sngine-the-ultimate-social-network-platform/13526001 Download: doniaweb.com_sngine-v2.7.0.zip
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    Update 1/23/20 Crypterion is a multi-featured peer to peer, self hosted Cryptocurrency exchange platform. Crypterion comes with a responsive and customizable design. Unlike most Cryptocurrency exchange scripts out there, we support self hosted wallets, you get to provide free wallet service along side peer to peer interactive exchange. A few coins provided by BitGo are supported at the moment, Moreover, we can integrate/adapt your custom coin upon request provided that you have a reliable API service to integrate with. Here, you will find all the necessary information as regards to the installation and usage of the script. Feel free to check the FAQ section, you may discover one or two things which could be of help to you. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/crypterion-multifeatured-cryptocurrency-exchange-platform-with-selfhosted-wallets/25160482 Download: doniaweb.com_crypterion-multifeatured-cryptocurrency-exchange-platform-with-selfhosted-wallets.zip
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    Exclusive on Donia WeB What is NEOFLEX NEOFLEX is a subscription based video content management system. Create your own movie and tv series website using NEOFLEX. Sale them to your customers in a monthly subscription model and build up your video content business. It is a NETFLIX clone! Technical Specification Built with php codeigniter framework Database required Mysql 5.6+ Php version required 7.0+ Php mail function enabled required Php Curl enabled required One purchase code is valid for one domain. Quick start guide for website admin Read all the manual and documentation carefully before using the script. Install the script in your server following our provided instruction. Login as site administrator to organize your system. At first create few genres and actors. Genre is must to show movies/tv series under them. Create movies from ‘Movies’ page by navigating menu. You can use any youtube video url or hosted video file url as movie source. Genre is required to show movies to your customers. Actors can be multi value selected. Thumb image & Poster image is needed for movie icon and banner display. Featured movie will be shown in large banner in home page You can also create tv series in same way. For organizing a tv series, you need to create a season first and then create episodes under a season. There are 3 packages by default. Basic, Standard, Premium. Customers need to purchase any package before watching any video or tv series. Each package remains valid for 30 days. Basic has 1, Standard has 2 and Premium has 4 user access. After logging in a subscribed customer, he needs to select a user from list according to his purchased package. Accessing same user from multiple devices simultaneously will logout the earlier user. We have implemented the necessary strong security to maintain user access limitation. You can rename those packages, change the price of the packages, deactivate/activate packages. Deactivated packages won’t be shown in the home page and during customer’s package purchase. Packages can’t be deleted or created. If you have plan for more packages, please contact support for customization work. Customers will purchase your packages via paypal. You need to set your paypal business/merchant email from settings page. For your local payment gateway setup, please contact support for customization work. You can watch the sales report from report page. Monthly package purchase report is shown with total earned revenue. Your website settings can be edited from settings menu. Website name, logo, email, invoice address can be edited. You can publish frequently asked questions for your customers publicly by creating them in ‘Customers faq’ page. Your Website’s privacy policy and refund policy can also be set from settings. Update Log version 1.2 – January, 2019 * Trailer video for movies and series * Actor page: actor wise movie and series listing Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/neoflex-movie-subscription-portal-cms/22817707 doniaweb.com_neoflex-movie-subscription-portal-cms_4.zip
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    Note: This is not a standalone script. It is a frontend theme (customers area) for Perfex CRM. Perfex can be downloaded here. Brief description Flat theme for Perfex CRM, redesigns the customer’s experience by adding flat aesthetics at your frontend user interface. Demo website Since the best way to verify how your CRM will look like is to test a demo prior purchase, please make sure that you give our online demo a try: https://perfexcrm.themesic.com Documentation It takes only a few minutes to be installed and activated. Documentation is included and you can test-drive the theme before you purchase it, at our online demo. Guys from support department will get back to you as soon as possible with a reply. Keep in mind that absolutely no coding is needed! Just follow the instructions and be able to use Flat theme in minutes. Changelog Version 1.6 / December 2019 Fix: show ‘Subscriptions’ menu item, only at primary contact’s navbar Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/perfex-crm-flat-theme/23640054 Download: doniaweb.com_perfex-crm-flat-theme-v1.6.zip
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    This is a User Based Directory Laravel Application with some exciting features and excellent code quality. It has been designed and developed after thorough research to cater the requirements of people interested in building user based directories or other similar projects in Laravel. The design is contemporary but at the same time it focuses on the usability, visual hierarchy and aesthetics to ensure easy navigation for the end users Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/doctry-doctors-and-hospitals-listing-theme/24787098 Download: [Hidden Content]
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    APP FEATURES Native Features Its fully native app, like camera,gesture controls Push Notifications Its come with push notifications Google Admob Make money with your mobile app through the google admob program Supported Modules App comes with Event,Page,Group,Marketplace,Music,Videos,Photo modules Custom Menu Links You can add custom menu from admin panel to display link in the app through WebView Post Background Crea8social let your members to use the new post background technology in their posts to beautify their post User Experience Our mobile apps comes with great user interface, ease of navigating to different features bring good user experience Drawer Menu with great animation Animation with navigating to different features Use of camera and Native features Demo: https://www.crea8social.com/apps Download: [Hidden Content]
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    Major changes- Now you can change the colors of the checkout page in the theme editor. Without programming knowledge, you can tailor this page to your store’s style in a few minutes.- In the module “Warehouses [Beta]” the import from 1C and other accounting systems for CommerceML has been improved. Now, each “store” or “warehouse” in CS-Cart can be assigned several binding codes. This is done because in the accounting system there can be many warehouses for one offline point. And the buyer only cares if he can pick up the goods. Therefore, now through import you can show the amount from several of your warehouses in one store on the window.- Now, “Variations as one product”, a button “Choose a variation” will appear on the list of products. It is made so that the user selects exactly the option that he needs (for example, the size of a T-shirt).- Some time ago we moved “Pending purchases” to the “Orders” menu and added the ability to create an order from “Pending purchases”. Therefore, now “Incomplete purchases” will be visible only to those administrators who have access to orders.- We have added a new Swiper image viewer in addition to OwlCarousel. It is more modern and looks better. To enable it, go to Settings → Appearance and select Swiper as the default Image Viewer.- We have added a new Yandex.Cash module with support for their updated API. All new users only work with him. The old Yandex.Kassa processor from the Russian Payment Methods module is marked as outdated, but it remains. It can be used by those who have long configured Yandex.Kassa and have not switched to the new API. We recommend switching to a new module as soon as possible. The old protocol is no longer being updated; there is a risk that it will someday be disconnected.- Many users of 4.11.2 had a problem with pickup - the delivery method was configured correctly, but did not appear on the checkout page. In version 4.11.3, we fixed this bug. License key: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX Demo: https://www.cs-cart.com/ Download CS-Cart Ultimate v4.11.3 doniaweb.com_CS-Cart Ultimate v4.11.3.zip CS-Cart Ultimate v4.11.3 RU doniaweb.com_CS-Cart Ultimate RUS v4.11.3.zip CS-Cart Multi-Vendor v4.11.3 doniaweb.com_CS-Cart Multivendor v4.11.3.zip
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    A unique engine, a script store digital goods DigitKart v8.0. DigitKart is a fully responsive digital product market. DigitKart is a multi-vendor PHP laravel script based on Laravel and Bootstrap (HTML5 & CSS3). The DigitKart Marketplace for selling digital products, such as fonts, WordPress themes, HTML templates, PHP software, images, graphics, vector logos or anything else, and it is also based on multi-variant, when several authors register and submit their products for sales, so you will get a commission. It is packed with many features. Script Characteristics - Fully responsive - Dynamic pages - Dynamic color changes of the main, additional and button - Clean and modern design - Built with Laravel Framework, PHP / MySQL and HTML5 / CSS3 - Build on Bootstrap 3 - PayPal, Stripe, Paytm, Razorpay, 2Checkout, Payu integrated payment gateway - RTL Support - Multilingual support (add / edit / delete for any languages) - Multiple vendor support - SEO Slug enable / disable - Font Awesome Icon Integration - Custom MP3, image size and type changes - Google Map Integration - Powerful admin panel - Integrated social login (Facebook and Google Plus) - Up Integrated Scroller - Registration confirmation updated - Email notification to update item - Main function element carousel or standard option integrated - Report this item on the product details page - Preview of the site frame - Product feature enabled by admin - Login and Registration - Reviews integrated - Bulletin integrated - Multimedia settings and payment settings - Seller profile - Country and flag added dynamically using icons - The icons are located country, year of membership, exclusive author, trendsetter, author level, collector level, recommended item, referral level - Related Materials - My account - Dispute on the return of the payment system - Home Promo Boxing Content Dynamically - Forgot your password - Blog and comments - Review and evaluation of goods - Integrated text editor - Ensure that the Codecanyon purchase code is integrated - Code / Graphics two types of elements integrated - Cookie policy updated - Added watermark features - Preview video hint integrated - The function of the counter elements of the main page dynamically - Register the user and customer comment system - Each email comment will be received by the buyer and visitor - Social media icons - Manage my order, my purchase, my earnings, all things - Features of the product to buy PayPal and stripes - Wallet to pay the amount integrated - Referral commission system - The system of administrative commissions - Google Analytics code is dynamically updated. - add currency code dynamically - Home Page Customer Reviews On / Off - Added free product - SEO optimized - Ajax pagination - The product license is valid for six months and one year. - Dynamic banner and font - Feedback form - Supplier contact form - Email notifications - Search filter by search text, price range, rating, category-based integrated Ajax - Payment approved by the administrator / not approved, product, review, users ... t. D. - Google recaptcha Integrated - Google Map Integrated - Tags in the blog, goods - Jquery Carousel Integrated Change History: Additions: Added 9 payment methods of the popular payment system Webmoney: Webmoney WMR - Alfa Bank; Webmoney WMR - Russian Standard; Webmoney WMR - PromSvyazBank; Webmoney WMR - Sberbank Online; Webmoney WMR - Telebank VTB24; Webmoney WMR - Bank Cards (Russia); Webmoney WMU - Bank cards (Ukraine); Webmoney WMR - Mobile Payment (Beeline); Fixed: Fixed found inaccuracies in the spelling of the words of the administrative part; Added to directory: Added the ability for the seller to specify the type of goods "Single / Reusable". What it is? This function is necessary for piece goods, for example, for selling pin codes, tickets or various keys in which each code, the key is unique, therefore such goods are sold only once (in one hand) and then after purchase they are automatically removed from sale. In the future, the seller may again put such a product on sale, attaching a new code, key, etc. for it, or remove it from the sale, if for some reason it is necessary for it, for example, when such a product has expired his actions. A new list of merchandise merchandise has been written in a personal account in which it is present: filter of goods with the ability to filter by image, by product name, by price, by type of product (one-time / reusable), by publication, by status. Download: doniaweb.com_DigiKart_V8.0_Nulled.zip
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    Instagram Auto Follow/Unfollow/Scraper is the perfect automation tool if you want to increase your followers and your popularity, also perfect for Instagram Marketers. This Chrome extension will automatically follow, unfollow and scrape, the Followers of a specific account, the Likes of a specific picture or the Following. It is really easy to use, you will start to increase your number of followers just few minutes after installation. Scraping informations manually is tiring and take a lof of time, but with this extension, you don’t do anything, it does everything for you! You also get the instagram profile pictures of the accounts you scrape, and you will also know if you already follow them or not. This extension allow you to export easily the scraped accounts informations to Microsoft Excel XLS file! Also CSV, TXT and HTML. You can start using the extension with few clicks without any knowledge, but you can also configure this automation tool to increase your followers and following faster if you know what you are doing. If you need this extension on Mozilla Firefox or more features, contact us, we can port it or add new features. You will also like SocialBot, user friendly and easy to use, with natural behaviors, and the same extension for Twitter: 25% OFF today SocialBot – Instagram and Twitter Bot [Coming soon] Twitter Auto Follow/Unfollow/Scraper FEATURES Auto Follow the Followers of a specific account Auto Follow the Following of a specific account Auto Follow the Followers of your account Auto Follow the Likes (followers who liked a specific picture) Auto Unfollow the Followers of a specific account Auto Unfollow the Following of a specific account Auto Unfollow the Following of your account Auto Unfollow the Followers who liked a specific picture Auto Scrape the Followers of a specific account Auto Scrape the Following of a specific account Auto Scrape the Following of your account Auto Scrape the Likes (followers who liked a specific picture) Auto Scrape the usernames from comments [BETA] Scrape usernames, pictures and tell you already follow them or not Copy the scraped usernames in one click Export scraped list to many formats: XLS, CSV, TXT and HTML Count the number of follow and the unfollow Random delay between every follow or unfollow Sleep/break time after a certain amount of follow, unfollow or scrape Scroll automatically to get more account to follow, unfollow or scrape Automatically stops when the extension reached the limit that you set Real time status of the extension (statistics, started, stopped, sleeping, account followed…) Get the username of the last follow or unfollow Real time logs (you know what the extension is doing) Save your configuration automatically, you don’t need to setup it all the time Start, stop or resume anytime, it will keep your progression (as long as you don’t close the page) The extension can work even if the page is not active, if there is enough accounts in the loaded list, so you don’t need to stay on the Instagram followers page, you still can surf on the web in another tab! Fully and easily configurable, you can change the: Modes: FOLLOW, UNFOLLOW and SCRAPE Minimum delay between each follow, unfollow or scrape Maximum delay between each follow, unfollow or scrape Sleep/break time after a certain amount of follows, unfollows or scraped accounts Amount of follows, unfollows or scraped accounts before the sleep/break Maximum follows, unfollows or scraped accounts for the current run Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/instagram-auto-followunfollowscraper/23030326 Enjoy 😉 doniaweb.com_Instagram-Auto-Follow-Unfollow-Scraper.zip
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    Note: This is a module for Perfex CRM. Brief description This module enables you to use REST API through your Perfex CRM. It includes a variety of useful commands in order to control your Perfex installation remotely, through third party applications. The Perfex API operates over HTTPS and uses JSON as its data format. The API is a RESTful API and utilizes HTTP methods and HTTP status codes to specify requests and responses. A REST API defines a set of functions which developers can perform requests and receive responses via HTTP protocol such as GET and POST. This is exactly what you will get from our product. Nothing less, nothing more. If you are unsure about your coding skills or you do not understand what exactly an API is, feel free to raise a comment with your specific question. Documentation & Commands You can take a look at the online documentation and its detailed command replies here: Documentation and Commands of Perfex REST APIThis is a complete API service for Perfex installations, with which, you can implement your own third party service connections.Available actions through API:Customers→ Add New Customer→ Delete a Customer→ Request customer information→ Search Customer Information→ Update a CustomerLeads→ Add New Lead→ Delete a Lead→ Request lead information→ Search Lead Information→ Update a leadMilestones→ Add New Milestone→ Delete a Milestone→ Request Milestones information→ Search Milestones Information→ Update a MilestoneProjects→ Add New Project→ Delete a Project→ Request project information→ Search Project Information→ Update a projectStaff→ Add New Staff→ Delete a Staff→ Request Staff information→ Search Staff Information→ Update a StaffTasks→ Add New Task→ Delete a Task→ Request Task information→ Search Tasks Information→ Update a taskTickets→ Add New Ticket→ Delete a Ticket→ Request Ticket information→ Search Ticket Information→ Update a ticketKeys Management Screenshot:Sample request/response: Support It takes only a few seconds to be installed, activated and have a fully working API for Perfex. If you have any questions, feel free to raise a support ticket at our support area. Guys from support department will get back to you as soon as possible with a reply. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/rest-api-for-perfex-crm/25278359 Download: doniaweb.com_codecanyon-rest-api-for-perfex-crm.zip
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    The Revolution Script is a cool PHP Script that pays users for competing tasks/offers! Users Can Earn points for each task/offers and can redeem their points for cash or gift cards. You can earn Money by just hosting the script on your Server and the only Requirement is, “The More Users you acquire : the more Money you make in this business!”. The more users you acquire the more money you make and it requires very little maintenance as you are simply sending out PayPal Cash and Gift Cards. This is the only work that is required of this script! Requirements : Hosting with php&mysql Support A Domain or Sub-domain RS USER DASHBOARD (Not Included ) Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/revolution-script-gptptc-rewards-software/21243119 Download: doniaweb.com_revolution-script-gptptc-v1.2.zip
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    NOTE: This is not a standalone chat, the chat requires Perfex CRM application installed, this is a module for Perfex CRM. Perfex CRM Employee Chat a real time experience add on for Perfex CRM build in PHP, JavaScript and jQuery and uses Pusher API for communication and collaboration between staff colleagues. The module uses Websockets request and not HTTP requests that slows down the server. Specially developed for the employees of Perfex CRM so they can connect and converse with each other. Best way to connect and interact with your staff colleagues, you can offer communication directly as well as build trust and increase staff loyalty. Change log – Version 1.3.7 updated 13.11.2019 Added: Load more customers button with condition 20 or more customers. (this option is users who have lots of clients and contacts) Added: Live Ajax search for clients. Added: Live Ajax messages search for staff and clients. Added: Option to toggle online contacts. Updated: Clients and staff new and unread notifications functionality updated and improved. Improved: Some images was not rendering(preview) correctly. Fixed: Issue with groups list and scroll on mobile. General: Minor CSS / JS fixes and improvements. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/perfex-crm-employee-chat/23555097 Download: doniaweb.com_codecanyon-perfex-crm-employee-chat.zip
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    RISE – Ultimate Project Manager is a multipurpose project management system. You can use it to manage projects, clients, invoices, support tickets, estimates, team and many other purposes. It is suitable for different types of organizations, freelancers and individual users. RISE is fast and easy to use. It contains all essential tools to manage your business. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/rise-ultimate-project-manager/15455641 Download: doniaweb.com_rise-v2.4.zip
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    Later Release v4.1 (DECODED) Pretty Self explanatory lol FEATURES OF SCRIPT: [!] Ability to configure only one device that needs to be unlocked, and not to delete all devices from the victim's account [!] Lightweight and works very fast even on shared hosting [!] Ability to use external mail servers of your choice. Like google hotmail [!] Ability to add unlimited loss victims [!] Ability to check before you start [!] You can customize or change the text, links, images sent to the victim by email or SMS [!] You can configure the script to block or redirect the victim from your site after the task. [!] Ability to take your site offline when not in use [!] No one can access your site unless you send them a unique link. [!] There are many templates to choose from. [!] ... and many other amazing features AppleKit4.1.zip
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    Online movie viewing system The script is more than wonderful Demo: https://moviestarwars.com Download: Stream movie premium by doniaweb.com.zip
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