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  1. bro, its not properly nulled , can u provide a properly nulled script pls.
  2. Hello , It is asking for user name & purchase code while installing the script. Is it nulled ? Else pls share the Purchase code .
  3. Its asking for a valid purchase code .. Is this nulled one ?? Pls lets know what to put in the purchase code
  4. Asking for Purchase Code to verify .. Pls provide solution
  5. can anyone help , the db everything is connected but the index.php file is having some issues due to which it is not loading
  6. Hi, It is asking for purchase code .
  7. Admin - Pls help me resolve this .
  8. The front end is working but the admin panel is creating db error .. tried in all means . Pls help me out in solving the same.
  9. hi bro, I have uploaded all the files & connected even the Sql file . But i m getting a database error. Pls help me out in solving this . Rgds
  10. Hi , Can u pls provide the Sql File for the same ..
  11. We couldnt find any Db file in this . Pls share Sql file