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ASP.NET Zero Core 6.0.0 - Create web applications and sites

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The ASP.NET Core platform represents technology from Microsoft, designed to create various kinds of web applications: from small websites to large web portals and web services. On the one hand, ASP.NET Core is a continuation of the development of the ASP.NET platform. But on the other hand, this is not just another release. The release of ASP.NET Core actually means a revolution of the whole platform, its qualitative change. ASP.NET Core can work on top of a cross-platform .NET Core environment that can be deployed on the main popular operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. And so, with the help of ASP.NET Core we can create cross-platform applications. And although Windows as an environment for developing and deploying an application still prevails, but now we are not limited only to this operating system. That is, we can run web applications not only on Windows, but also on Linux and Mac OS. And to deploy a web application, you can use the traditional IIS, or cross-platform web server Kestrel.

Although ASP.NET Core is primarily aimed at using .NET Core, the framework can also work with the full version of the .NET framework. Due to the modularity of the framework, all the necessary components of a web application can be loaded as separate modules through the package manager Nuget. In addition, unlike previous versions of the platform, there is no need to use the System.Web.dll library. ASP.NET Core includes the MVC framework, which integrates MVC functionality, Web API and Web Pages. In previous versions of the platform, these technologies were implemented separately and therefore contained a lot of duplicate functionality. Now they are combined into one ASP.NET Core MVC software model. And Web Forms are completely a thing of the past.

In addition to combining the above technologies in a single model, a number of additional functions were added to MVC.

One of these functions is tag helper, which allows you to more seamlessly combine the syntax of html with the code C #.

ASP.NET Core is characterized by extensibility. The framework is built from a set of relatively independent components. And we can either use the built-in implementation of these components, or expand them with the help of the inheritance mechanism, or even create and use our components with our own functionality.

Demo: https://aspnetzero.com/


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