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Midrub Socialytics - advanced analytics tool for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter v2.1


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Midrub Socialytics - advanced analytics tool for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Midrub Socialytics is an app for Midrub. You can’t use it without Midrub.

Midrub Socialytics is an app for Midrub which allows you to get advanced insights for your social accounts. This app gets insights in real time from the social networks by using the webhooks.

Demo video: 

By default, Midrub Socialytics has support for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you are a developer, you can add easily support for other social networks because the app has support for this. Before purchase this app, it’s important to know, for Twitter you will be able to connect only 15 accounts for free use.

With Midrub Socialytics you can get insights for maximum 90 days. You have two sliders to select the wanted date and time interval. For example, you can get insights for a week in the last month. You can filter results even by hours interval and days interval.

All saved insights from the last 90 days could be exported in a CSV file. The filters allow you to select a wanted interval of days, interval of days and even the days of the week. All insights are saved as reactions(comments, likes, mentions, shares, etc). You can even select what kind of reactions to export in a CSV file.

In the Suggestions tab you will see the best hours in the day to publish your posts. The Midrub Socialytics calculates the number of the reactions in the last 30 days and calculates the average. Then it shows the hours with the highest number of reactions from the last 30 days. The hours are displayed by days and you can even select to get insights only for a day or several days of the week. By clicking on a suggested hour, you will see how were calculated the reactions to show the hour as the best time for posting.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/midrub-socialytics-advanced-analytics-tool-for-instagram-facebook-and-twitter/26439261



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Support is available for paid files only
Support for free files is offered for a fee only

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